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Nam Joo-Hyuk’s Fashion As Baek Yi-Jin In K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’

Twenty Five Twenty One Fashion - Nam Joo-Hyuk

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ concluded its illustrious run on April 3 with its season finale achieving the highest ratings of its run while it also conquered Netflix worldwide. tvN’s beautiful drama painted a poignant picture of growing up and the impermanence of things through the brilliant writing of its story and characters. And there must’ve not been a single viewer whose heart didn’t race while watching Nam Joo-Hyuk’s exceptional performance as Baek Yi-Jin, a handsome, hardworking young man with immense charisma also shown through his fashion.

So, here’s a look at some of the most memorable looks presented to us by Nam Joo-Hyuk as Baek Yi-Jin, throughout the show.

Nam Joo-Hyuk's Fashion in Korean Drama Twenty Five Twenty One

Nam Joo-Hyuk’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’

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Look #1

Time to go down the memory lane to the very first episode, when Joo-Hyuk wore this short-sleeve embroidered logo polo shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren, painting the picture of a charming young man.

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Look #2

Joo-Hyuk absolutely nailed late 90s fashion, and the look with this particular logo-embroidered cotton-oxford shirt also from Polo Ralph Lauren was such a great one.

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Look #3

This Frizmworks olive corduroy shirt jacket was such a great pick for a stylish winter look.

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Look #4

Looking like an absolute dream in this formal outfit, Joo-Hyuk has on a soft button-down shirt from Sounds Life for this flattering look.

Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama Fashion - Nam Joo-Hyuk - Episode 8-1

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Look #5

In another smart, crisp look as reporter Baek Yi-Jin, we see him in a gray CB Dre shirt from Cargobros.

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Look #6

Showcasing a diverse array of colors in his outfits, this time the CB Dre shirt from Cargobros made a comeback in a pleasing brown color.

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Look #7

Lastly, Joo-Hyuk looked absolutely dashing in a Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere cable-knit sweater in what was a memorable and swoon-worthy look.

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