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Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion As Oh Han-Byeol In K-Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episodes 7-8

Shooting Stars Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episodes 7-8

‘Shooting Stars’ is the ultimate rom-com that has charmed us since day one. With the palpable chemistry between the leads, Lee Sung-Kyung and Kim Young-Dae, the drama does not disappoint. Furthermore, Sung-Kyung’s adorable fashion as Oh Han-Byeol makes up for an enjoyable watch.

So without any more delay, we present some of the most captivating outfits showcased by Sung-Kyung in episodes 7 and 8 of the drama.

Lee Sung-Kyung's Fashion in Korean Drama Shooting Stars Episodes 7-8

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Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion As Oh Han-Byeol In The K-Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episodes 7-8

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Look #1

In episode 7, Sung-Kyung looked comfortably stunning in a cream fleece long coat from BENSIMON. She also carried a bucket corset laser-cut leather bag from ALAÏA to complement her outfit.

Fleece Long Coat


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Bucket Corset Laser-cut Bag


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  2. Bucket Corset Laser-cut Bag

Look #2

For this trendy outfit, Sung-Kyung wore a buttery shade cropped coat from LEVAR to go with her T-shirt from GANNI. She slipped into a pair of Vans classic authentic black sneakers and carried an Alexander McQueen tote bag to finish the look.

Camel-hair Blend Crop Coat


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Love Club Smiley T-shirt


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Legend Medium Tote Bag


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Classic Authentic Black Sneakers


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  3. Legend Medium Tote Bag
  4. Classic Authentic Black Sneakers

Look #3

This snuggly knit vest from NEUL is a nice addition to her long sleeve top.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 7-3

Romy Knit Vest


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  1. Romy Knit Vest

Look #4

We loved Sung-Kyung’s cool tone outfit in this scene which was achieved with the help of a melange gray cashmere knit sweater from LEVAR.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 7-4

Cashmere Round Knit


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  1. Cashmere Round Knit

Look #5

Here, Sung-Kyung wore a chic overfit reversible coat from A.T.CORNER.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 7-5

Overfit Reversible Coat


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Look #6

In another casually stylish look, she opted for a cream cropped hoodie from ROCCI ROCCI.

Flower Drawing Cropped Hoodie


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  1. Flower Drawing Cropped Hoodie

Look #7

This outfit consists of a sailor collar handmade coat from JOHNNY HATES JAZZ, a cream-colored sweater from LEVAR, and a Le Maillon leather satchel from Saint Laurent.

Sailor Collar Handmade Coat


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Cashmere Round Knit


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Le Maillon Leather Satchel


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  2. Cashmere Round Knit
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Look #8

Sung-Kyung sported a vegan fur crop jacket from FRONTROW in her signature casual-chic style.

Vegan Fur Crop Jacket


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Look #9

She also wore the Julianna heart motif jumper from Polo Ralph Lauren in this scene.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 8-4

Julianna Heart Motif Jumper


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  1. Julianna Heart Motif Jumper

Look #10

The last but not the least look of Sung-Kyung is none other than the beige & pink check coat from ISABEL MARANT ETOILE.

Fontizi Coat


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