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Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion As Oh Han-Byeol In K-Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episodes 1-2

Shooting Stars Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episodes 1-2

Released on April 22, ‘Shooting Stars’ has been giving us the entertainment we needed these days with the hot and cold relationship between Lee Sung-Kyung, who plays Oh Han-Byeol, and Kim Young-Dae, who plays Gong Tae-Sung

But this relationship is definitely not the only source of entertainment in the romantic-comedy. The fantastic fashion moments featured by the cute female lead, Sung-Kyung, have also been really eye-catching. For that exact reason, we’re breaking down each and every look of hers showcased in the first two episodes. With that being said, let’s dive right into these magical outfits!

Lee Sung-Kyung's Fashion in Korean Drama Shooting Stars Episodes 1-2

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Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episodes 1-2

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Look #1

In the very first episode, the beauty Sung-Kyung treated viewers with a cute, stylish outfit that consisted of a Flower Smiley print T-shirt from GANNI, a two-button jacket from REVETIR, a Josephine Aigrette watch from Chaumet, and a beautiful pair of Jeux de Liens Onyx earrings, also from Chaumet.

Claire Two-button Jacket


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Flower Smiley Print T-shirt


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Josephine Aigrette Watch


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Jeux De Liens Onyx Earring


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  1. Claire Two-button Jacket
  2. Flower Smiley Print T-shirt
  3. Josephine Aigrette Watch
  4. Jeux De Liens Onyx Earring

Look #2

Another super cute look Sung-Kyung showed off in episode 1 is this one that featured a fashionable sailor-collar cardigan from Maje.

Sailor-Collar Cardigan


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  1. Sailor-Collar Cardigan

Look #3

And don’t even get us started about this adorable ensemble of hers, which featured a cute fringed tweed mini dress by FRONTROW. As for her lips, she opted for the Rouge Coco Baume in the shade #Passion Pink from Chanel.

Fringed Tweed Mini Dress


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  1. Fringed Tweed Mini Dress

Rouge Coco Baume #922


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  1. Rouge Coco Baume #922

Look #4

Without a doubt, Sung-Kyung went with the perfect bag to compliment her classy look: the black trunk shoulder bag from Marni.

Trunk Shoulder Bag


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  1. Trunk Shoulder Bag

Look #5

We also loved the unique jacket she showed off in this scene. It was a tweed crop jacket by FRONTROW.

Moon Tweed Crop Jacket


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  1. Moon Tweed Crop Jacket

Look #6

Sung-Kyung pulled off a comfy yet adorable look here with the help of two stylish pieces from RECTO: the LLEGE logo T-shirt and a pair of stripe print wide pants.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 1-6

Llege Logo T-shirt


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Stripe Print Wide Pants


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  1. Llege Logo T-shirt
  2. Stripe Print Wide Pants

Look #7

We already know you had your eyes on her cute Teddy Bear hoodie here. The good news is, you can get the same one for yourself from acmé de la vie!

Teddy Bear Hoodie


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  1. Teddy Bear Hoodie

Look #8

This beauty had a hot fashion moment here when she appeared wearing an exquisite Van Daim jacket from Zadig & Voltaire.

Van Daim Jacket


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  1. Van Daim Jacket

Look #9

We absolutely loved everything about this chic outfit of Sung-Kyung’s, especially her wool peplum jumper by Alexander McQueen and petit flower earrings by Vintage Hollywood.

Wool Peplum Jumper


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Petit Flower Earrings


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  1. Wool Peplum Jumper
  2. Petit Flower Earrings

Look #10

In the second episode, we spotted Sung-Kyung wearing one of the most versatile, stylish bags: Le Carré leather shoulder bag from SAINT LAURENT.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 2-1

Le Carré Leather Shoulder Bag


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  1. Le Carré Leather Shoulder Bag

Look #11

Even while sleeping in this comfortable pajama set from Publicka X, Sung-Kyung still looked as good as she always does.

Setup Pajamas


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  1. Setup Pajamas

Look #12

But nothing compares to this stunning look Sung-Kyung brought to the table in episode 2, which starred a gorgeous heart jacquard cashmere collar top from SHINE ON YOU.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 2-3

Heart Jacquard Collar Top


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  1. Heart Jacquard Collar Top

Look #13

Sung-Kyung looked beyond pretty when she donned this cute sailor collar knit top by DEKAVV.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 2-4

Sailor Collar Knit Top


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  1. Sailor Collar Knit Top

Look #14

We fell in love with her stunning looks in this scene where she was wearing a Love raglan knit from PUBLICKA X.

Love Raglan Knit


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  1. Love Raglan Knit

Look #15

And as a final treat for your eyes, check out Sung-Kyung being cute as usual in this cozy collar knit from momeben.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 2-6

Cozy Collar Knit


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  1. Cozy Collar Knit

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