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Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion As Oh Han-Byeol In K-Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episodes 5-6

Shooting Stars Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episodes 5-6

Today we’re continuing to cover the insanely adorable fashion of the ‘Shooting Stars’ female lead, Lee Sung-Kyung.

So, if you’re interested in knowing what our cutie wore in both episodes 5 and 6, keep reading!

Lee Sung-Kyung's Fashion in Korean Drama Shooting Stars Episodes 5-6

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Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episodes 5-6

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Look #1

In her first look, Sung-Kyung used a logo print T-shirt from Dsquared2 as a stylish base for her outfit. 

Logo Print T-shirt


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  1. Logo Print T-shirt

Look #2

It’s impossible to ignore how cute and chic Sung-Kyung looked in episode 5 when she coupled a sweater with a mini Edith satchel bag from Chloe.

Edith Mini Bag


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  1. Edith Mini Bag

Look #3

She looked absolutely dazzling in this formal outfit that featured a Legend medium leather tote bag from Alexander McQueen and Noailles link silver earrings from hyeres-lor.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 5-3

Melange Wool Cropped Jacket


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Melange Straight Wool Pants


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Legend Medium Tote Bag


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Noailles Link Silver Earrings


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  1. Melange Wool Cropped Jacket
  2. Melange Straight Wool Pants
  3. Legend Medium Tote Bag
  4. Noailles Link Silver Earrings

Look #4

She kept it super casual this time and opted for a cute Moment Ball cap from COILY.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 5-4

Moment Ball Cap


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  1. Moment Ball Cap

Look #5

Sung-Kyung looked gorgeous in this fashionable sweater from MONCLER!

White Other Materials Sweater


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  1. White Other Materials Sweater

Look #6

Seeing Sung-Kyung get comfortable and wear Saint James’s cute T-shirt is an absolute treat.

Minquiers 18


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  1. Minquiers 18

Look #7

Don’t get jealous of Sung-Kyung’s cool, black zip-up sweatshirt in this scene. You can easily get your own from VPPLEMENT.

Sig Zipup Sweat Shirt


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  1. Sig Zipup Sweat Shirt

Look #8

Finally, we’re finishing off this list with Sung-Kyung’s cutest look in episode 6, which consisted of an outstanding checked jacquard cardigan from Alessandra Rich and a peanut brot bag from OSOI.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-Kyung - Episode 6-3

Checked Jacquard Cardigan


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Peanut Brot Bag


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  1. Checked Jacquard Cardigan
  2. Peanut Brot Bag

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