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NCT 127 Rocks The Bad Boy Look In Their Bold Comeback Music Video ‘2 Baddies’

NCT 127 2 Baddies MV Fashion

On September 15, NCT 127 dropped their latest bomb for their fans, ‘2 Baddies’, leaving them astonished by the unusual, bold nature of this music video. While we absolutely loved every bit of this MV, we’re only here to blow you away with the outstanding outfits these handsome boys rocked. 

So, sit tight, prepare to be mind-blown, and keep reading!

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT 127's 2 Baddies MV

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NCT 127’s ‘ 2 Baddies’ MV Fashion

Taeyong’s Look #1

The first look of Taeyong is crazy in the best way possible. To pull off this one, he opted for a pink polyester vest and matching lounge pants from LIBERAL YOUTH MINISTRY. Other pieces he used to complete the look were a Velvet-Hearts short-sleeve T-shirt from Liberal Youth Ministry, a pair of sneakers from Nike, and a pair of sequin-embellished calf-length socks from Miu Miu.

NCT127 2 Baddies MV Kpop Fashion - Taeyong - Look 1

Pink Polyester Vest


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Velvet-Hearts T-Shirt


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Pink Polyester Lounge Pants


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Sequin-embellished Socks


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Dunk High "Flux" sneakers


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  1. Pink Polyester Vest
  2. Velvet-Hearts T-Shirt
  3. Pink Polyester Lounge Pants
  4. Sequin-embellished Socks
  5. Dunk High "Flux" sneakers

Taeyong’s Look #2

He hands-down pulled off the bad boy look with the help of these cool pieces from Kusikohc. Taeyong then finished everything off with a logo-print tank top from GmbH and paneled lace-up chunky boots from VETEMENTS.

Laser Hoodie


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Logo-print Tank Top


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Technical Pants with Graphic


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Panelled Lace-up Chunky Boots


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  1. Laser Hoodie
  2. Logo-print Tank Top
  3. Technical Pants with Graphic
  4. Panelled Lace-up Chunky Boots

Mark’s Look #1

This look of Mark’s is the real meaning of funky! Although not everyone’s bold enough to copy this out-of-the-box outfit, you can do so by getting a floral motif print high neck top and an appliquèd printed distressed cotton-jersey hoodie from Liberal Youth Ministry. Oh, and the No Life napsack from Skoot, too!

Floral Motif Print Top


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Appliquèd Printed Distressed Hoodie


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No-Life Napsack


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  1. Floral Motif Print Top
  2. Appliquèd Printed Distressed Hoodie
  3. No-Life Napsack

Mark’s Look #2

Looking as cool as Mark did here is easier than you think—just couple a pair of Kusikohc’s Mask pants with CONVERSE’s red Weapon CX sneakers, and you’re all set!

Mask Pants


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Weapon CX


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  1. Mask Pants
  2. Weapon CX

Johnny’s Look #1

Johnny‘s look was just screaming ‘I’m the boss!’. Wanna copy? Then go ahead and pair Dolce & Gabbana’s exquisite gemstone-embellished double-breasted blazer with their stone-embellished wool trousers.

Gemstone-embellished Blazer


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Gemstone-embellished Trousers


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  1. Gemstone-embellished Blazer
  2. Gemstone-embellished Trousers

Johnny’s Look #2

Our handsome boy showed off his great sense of style (and abs!) by wearing a stylish pair of black pants from Kusikohc and the Joshua Vides Weapon CX sneakers from CONVERSE.

NCT127 2 Baddies MV Kpop Fashion - Johnny - Look 2

Pant Black Patch


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Joshua Vides Weapon CX Sneakers


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  1. Pant Black Patch
  2. Joshua Vides Weapon CX Sneakers

Jungwoo’s Look

Not all T-shirts are the same—some of them are basic and boring, and others are super-duper cool, just like Jungwoo’s reversible T-shirt by Kusikohc!

Reversible T-Shirt


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  1. Reversible T-Shirt

Taeil’s Look

Taeil’s look is one of the coolest, winter-ready ones featured in the MV, which consisted of a fashionable pair of denim pants from Kusikohc and black paneled lace-up chunky boots from VETEMENTS.

Denim Pants Patch


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Panelled Lace-up Chunky Boots


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  1. Denim Pants Patch
  2. Panelled Lace-up Chunky Boots

Yuta’s Look #1

If you want a long sleeve T-shirt that will definitely make you stand out this season, Yuta’s black shibori long sleeve T-shirt by DOUBLET is the way to go!

Shibori Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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  1. Shibori Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Yuta’s Look #2

Without a doubt, Yuta’s second look is one of our absolute favorites in the MV, which featured a cool hoodie and pair of denim pants from Kusikohc.

NCT127 2 Baddies MV Kpop Fashion - Yuta - Look 2

Origami Cut Out Hoodie


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Denim Pants Blue Patches


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  1. Origami Cut Out Hoodie
  2. Denim Pants Blue Patches

Jaehyun’s Look #1

Looking cute as he always does, Jaehyun appeared wearing a cool oversized zip-up jacket from Kusikohc.

NCT127 2 Baddies MV Kpop Fashion - Jaehyun - Look 1

Oversized Zip Up Jacket


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  1. Oversized Zip Up Jacket

Jaehyun’s Look #2

Another cute and cool look of Jaehyun’s is this one featuring logo-print cargo trousers from AMIRI and a logo-patch ribbed-knit hat from We11done.

Logo-print Cargo Trousers


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Logo-patch Ribbed-knit Hat


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  1. Logo-print Cargo Trousers
  2. Logo-patch Ribbed-knit Hat

Haechan’s Look #1

With some help from his hot red hair, Haechan slayed this look by opting for a cool graffiti-printed drawstring hoodie from Dolce & Gabbana.

Graffiti-Printed Hoodie


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  1. Graffiti-Printed Hoodie

Haechan’s Look #2

There’s no better item to match his vibrant hair color than Kusikohc’s red T-shirt and nylon trousers. As for his footwear, the bad boy went for CONVERSE’s red Weapon CX sneakers. 

T-shirt With Print


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Nylon Trouser Red


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Weapon CX


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  1. T-shirt With Print
  2. Nylon Trouser Red
  3. Weapon CX

Doyoung’s Look

Doyoung is the last baddie on our list, who sported a stylish pair of denim pants from Kusikohc.

Denim Pants


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  1. Denim Pants

Whose outfits do you like best?

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