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Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Kook Yeon-Su In K-Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episodes 15-16

Our Beloved Summer Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episodes 15-16

‘Our Beloved Summer’ has aired its last episode on January 25 and it’s time to say goodbye to one of the most memorable dramas of this season. The show was a light-hearted and gripping tale of romance and growth. At the same time, the characters, especially Kook Yeon-Su who is played by Kim Da-Mi, served consistently fashionable looks throughout its run.

Picking up from where we left off previously, we are here to detail Kim Da-Mi’s outfits in the final two episodes. Keep reading to find out!

Kim Da-Mi's Fashion in Korean Drama Our Beloved Summer Episodes 15-16

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Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episodes 15-16

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Look #1

In episode 15, we see a glimpse of sparkle as Yeon-Su wears Swarovski crystals in the form of a heart pendant necklace and crystal-embellished heart earrings.

Una Crystal-heart Stud Earrings


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Una Crystal-heart Pendant


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  1. Una Crystal-heart Stud Earrings
  2. Una Crystal-heart Pendant

Look #2

There is no shortage of beautiful bags in Yeon-Su’s collection. So without a doubt, her super-stylish Prada Cleo shoulder bag is hard to miss.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 15-2

Cleo Shoulder Bag


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  1. Cleo Shoulder Bag

Look #3

We fell in love with this jacquard knit zip-up pullover from RECTO worn by Da-Mi. With its distinct pattern and ivory/black color contrast, it’s a must-have outfit to spice up our winter wardrobe.

Jacquard Knit Zip-up Full Over


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  1. Jacquard Knit Zip-up Full Over

Look #4

If you want comfort with style, it’s probably a good idea to steal some of Da-Mi’s outfits from this drama. Maybe the gingham-print coat from Plan C featured in this scene would be a good choice.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 15-4

Gingham-print Coat


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  1. Gingham-print Coat

Look #5

In the final episode, Da-Mi sports a highly sophisticated look in a fitted tweed jacket by Gucci.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 16-1

Fitted Tweed Jacket


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  1. Fitted Tweed Jacket

Look #6

Making up for a trendy look this time, the Max Mara ensemble consists of a wool herringbone jacket and brown vanda trousers.

Wool Herringbone Jacket


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Brown Vanda Trousers


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  1. Wool Herringbone Jacket
  2. Brown Vanda Trousers

Look #7

We think you all will agree that the beige wool pintuck pants from RRACE are the highlight of this casual look.

Wool Pin Tuck Pants


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  1. Wool Pin Tuck Pants

Look #8

Yeon-Su’s beige and blue check coat from Isabel Marant Etoile makes up for an aesthetically pleasing outfit.

Check Fontizi Coat


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  1. Check Fontizi Coat

Look #9

Fringed Checked Knitted Scarf


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  1. Fringed Checked Knitted Scarf

Look #10

Those navy flare knit pants from RRACE are perfect for a relaxing stay at home. Won’t you agree?

Flare Knit Pants


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  1. Flare Knit Pants

Look #11

Yeon-Su expands her assemblage of attractive bags yet again as she carries a Lemaire Tacco crossbody bag in this put-together look.  

Tacco Molded Crossbody Bag


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  1. Tacco Molded Crossbody Bag

Look #12

The comfy grey oversized cape sweater seen on Da-Mi is from RECTO.

Vella Oversized Cape Sweater


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  1. Vella Oversized Cape Sweater

Look #13

For an outdoor stroll in the cold, Yeon-Su’s oversized goose-down coat from EENK will surely come in handy. Moreover, Lemaire’s Croissant shoulder bag is a scene-stealer everywhere.

Oversized Goose Down Coat


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Croissant Shoulder Bag


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  1. Oversized Goose Down Coat
  2. Croissant Shoulder Bag

Look #14

Da-Mi’s perfectly warm and casual look here is achieved by pairing a chunky knit cropped crew neck from 3.1 Phillip Lim with a cozy pair of Mason signature wool slacks from Bjoue. And of course, a rose gold-tone floating crystal pendant necklace by Swarovski adds a bit of glamour.

Chunky Knit Cropped Top


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Mason Signature Wool Slacks


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Floating Crystal Pendant Necklace


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  1. Chunky Knit Cropped Top
  2. Mason Signature Wool Slacks
  3. Floating Crystal Pendant Necklace

Look #15

The very last, and equally fashionable, look for today is Da-Mi’s layered knit shawl from RRACE.

Layered Knit Shawl


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  1. Layered Knit Shawl

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