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Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Kook Yeon-Su In K-Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episodes 13-14

Our Beloved Summer Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episodes 13-14

The drama that is living rent-free in everyone’s mind is ‘Our Beloved Summer’. As fate reunites the long-lost lovers, Kook Yeon-Su (Kim Da-Mi) and Choi Ung (Choi Woo-Shik), they are bound to pick up things from where it was left the last time. While we anxiously wait for upcoming final episodes, it’s time to dissect the fashion game shown in the drama.

So without further ado, let’s go through some of the wonderful outfits showcased by Kim Da-Mi in episodes 13 and 14.

Kim Da-Mi's Fashion in Korean Drama Our Beloved Summer Episodes 13-14

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Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episodes 13-14

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Look #1

In episode 13,  we see Yeon-Su in a quilted liner jacket from rag & bone paired with warm corduroy washed pants from PLAC. She completes the cozy winter look with a pair of UGG mule slippers.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 13-1

Rudy Quilted Liner Jacket


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Corduroy Pants


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Coquette Sheepskin Slippers


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  1. Rudy Quilted Liner Jacket
  2. Corduroy Pants
  3. Coquette Sheepskin Slippers

Look #2

Da-Mi manages to pull off this color-blocked jacket from Isabel Marant Etoile that is both sporty and stylish.

Mantsy Colorblocked Jacket


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  1. Mantsy Colorblocked Jacket

Look #3

For this scene, Da-Mi’s camel check jacket and beige one-pocket cotton shirt are both from WOOYOUNGMI.

Camel Check Single Jacket


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Beige One-pocket Cotton Shirt


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  1. Camel Check Single Jacket
  2. Beige One-pocket Cotton Shirt

Look #4

The sleek black basic turtleneck knit top seen on Yeon-Su is from kotelo. And needlessly to say, the small hoop earrings by Swarovski are a beautiful touch.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 13-4

Basic Turtleneck Knit Top


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Dextera Pavé Small Hoops


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  1. Basic Turtleneck Knit Top
  2. Dextera Pavé Small Hoops

Look #5

The winter wear is off the charts in this drama as Yoon-Su bears the cold in a comfy-looking floral collar double coat from MAISONMARAIS worn over a pretty white cotton ruffle collar blouse from TILLIDIE. For the finishing touch, she sports the rockstud alcove clutch from Valentino.

Floral Collar Double


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White Cotton Ruffle Collar Blouse


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Rockstud Alcove Clutch


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  1. Floral Collar Double
  2. White Cotton Ruffle Collar Blouse
  3. Rockstud Alcove Clutch

Look #6

In a puffer short padding jumper jacket from RECTO worn over a high neck knit top from RRACE, Yoon-Su looks comfortable and fashionable at the same time. While the JOY GRYSON beige shoulder bag matches the clothes, the millennia Swarovski octagon cut necklace adds a bit of sparkle that elevates the overall look.

Puffer Short Padding Jumper


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High Neck Knit Top


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Diana Shoulder Bag


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Millenia Octagon Cut Necklace


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  1. Puffer Short Padding Jumper
  2. High Neck Knit Top
  3. Diana Shoulder Bag
  4. Millenia Octagon Cut Necklace

Look #7

For the final look today, Yeon-Su’s stylish outfit consisting of a jacket from Max Mara, an elegant Swarovski pear pendant necklace, and Tod’s leather crossbody bag, is featured in episode 14.

Ossola Jacket


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Attract Pear Necklace


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Leather Crossbody Bag


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  1. Ossola Jacket
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  3. Leather Crossbody Bag

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