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Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Kook Yeon-Su In K-Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episodes 5-8

Our Beloved Summer Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episodes 5-6

The romantic comedy ‘Our Beloved Summer’ is racking up the ratings with every episode and capturing our hearts with its endearing coming-of-age plot. With the great delivery of subtle emotions by the actors, this drama is a rollercoaster ride of happiness, melancholy, laughter, tears, and excitement altogether. 

While we crave for the next episode, let’s have a rundown of the range of outfits showcased by Kim Da-Mi in recent episodes. Keep an eye out for your favorite. 

Kim Da-Mi's Fashion in Korean Drama Our Beloved Summer Episodes 5-6

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Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion in the K-drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episodes 5-8

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Look #1 

In episode 5, Da-Mi nails the casual vibe in a navy-blue summer flower tee from UNIISDESIGN.

Summer Flower Tee


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  1. Summer Flower Tee

 Look #2 

After seeing this next look of Yoon-Su, we just had to know where this rather remarkable hoodie came from and it turns out it’s the over hoodie zip-up from RRACE

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 5-2

Over Hoodie Zip-Up


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  1. Over Hoodie Zip-Up

Look #3 

If you want to achieve a warm and cozy look, Da-Mi’s raglan knit sweater from LANVIN seems like the perfect outfit for you. It’s pretty color and short length design makes it easier for you to pair it with whatever high-rise jeans or skirts you have in your wardrobe. 

Raglan Knit Sweater


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Mini Bucket Bag


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  1. Raglan Knit Sweater
  2. Mini Bucket Bag

Look #4 

For this look, Da-Mi’s outfit is a pleasing combination of a black round-neck knit sweater and a beige asymmetric-line skirt both from RECTO. For the final touch, she carries a black bowery shoulder bag from JOY GRYSON that is more than enough to turn heads. 

Signature Round-neck Knit


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Asymmetric-line Skirt


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Bowery Shoulder Bag


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  1. Signature Round-neck Knit
  2. Asymmetric-line Skirt
  3. Bowery Shoulder Bag

Look #5 

Though Da-Mi looked delightful in a baby blue top and black pencil skirt, her Bottega Veneta cobalt blue cassette shoulder bag in its vivid shade left a lasting impression with its contrasting colors to the overall outfit. Not to mention, the Ballen bleu leather watch by CARTIER is just as iconic. 

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 5-5

Ballon Bleu Watch


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Cassette Shoulder Bag


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  1. Ballon Bleu Watch
  2. Cassette Shoulder Bag

Look #6 

Who knew this comfortably oversized green V-neck wool cardigan from Bottega Veneta worn over a plain white shirt and khaki shorts would look so adorable? Well, that’s Kim Da-Mi for us.   

Oversized V-neck Wool Cardigan


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  1. Oversized V-neck Wool Cardigan

Look #7 

Da-Mi has got us covered for another laid-back look in episode 6 as she wears a yellow hoodie from PARS. So, whether you are at home or at school, this hoodie is the way to go. 

Avan Yellow Hoodie


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  1. Avan Yellow Hoodie

Look #8 

For this scene, Da-Mi has on a bright green T-shirt with a hoodie slung over her shoulders but don’t miss out on this pair of Langler straight-fit denim pants from ellonarc

Langler Denim PT


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  1. Langler Denim PT

Look #9 

In expansion of Yoon-Su’s denim collection, the urban boyfit denim pants from BJOUE are a welcome addition with their refreshing shade. 

Urban Boyfit Denim Pants


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  1. Urban Boyfit Denim Pants

Look #10 

Despite the apron blocking most of the view, we did not fail to find out more about the lovely shirt she donned. If you are just as curious as we were, it is none other than the striped Breton shirt from Saint James

Breton Shirt


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  1. Breton Shirt

Look #11 

Chilling at home in a knit cardigan by ON&ON and snug sweatpants, Yoon-Su made up for a very pretty and relaxed look. 

Wool Blend Knit Cardigan


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  1. Wool Blend Knit Cardigan

Look #12 

To change things up, Da-Mi is in her semi-formal attire this time. She is elegantly dressed in a beige single-breasted blazer from Bottega Veneta. The rest of her outfit is further elevated by the captivatingly stylish black leather bag, also from Bottega Veneta.

Single-breasted blazer


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Cassette Leather Bag


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  1. Single-breasted blazer
  2. Cassette Leather Bag

Look #13

Stripe Knit Cardigan


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Urban Boyfit Denim Pants


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Mini Tulipano Bag


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  1. Stripe Knit Cardigan
  2. Urban Boyfit Denim Pants
  3. Mini Tulipano Bag

Look #14

Taupe Wool Half-Zip Sweater


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Millenia Square Necklace


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  1. Taupe Wool Half-Zip Sweater
  2. Millenia Square Necklace

Look #15

Leisure Zigano Shirt Jacket


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Visivo Track Pants


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  1. Leisure Zigano Shirt Jacket
  2. Visivo Track Pants

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