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Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Kook Yeon-Su In K-Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episodes 9-12

Our Beloved Summer Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episodes 9-12

The K-drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’, starring Kim Da-Mi and Choi Woo-Shik, is a must-watch on these cold wintery days. Living up to its name, the drama is a heartwarming rom-com with its appealing characters and the sweet chemistry between the two leads. Even more so, Kim Da-Mi’s role as the steadfast Kook Yoon-Su is a delight to watch. But don’t think that we haven’t noticed the understated fashion embodied by Yoon-Su as she navigates her ways.

Here are some of the finest looks from the previous four episodes that we have managed to find for you. Scroll down and have a fun time choosing your favorite outfit.

Kim Da-Mi's Fashion in Korean Drama Our Beloved Summer Episodes 9-12

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Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episodes 9-12

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Look #1

In episode 9, we see a semi-formally dressed Yoon-Su as she steps out in a straight-cut blazer from Zadig&Voltaire worn over a Polo Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater. The Villier le bel bag from PARS also made an elegant appearance alongside the complete outfit.

Straight-cut Blazer


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Cable Knit Sweater


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Villier Le Bel Bag


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  1. Straight-cut Blazer
  2. Cable Knit Sweater
  3. Villier Le Bel Bag

Look #2

For a casual setting, Da-Mi looks comfy in a yellow crewneck long-sleeve shirt from IOLO and grey sweatpants.

Woolsilk Crewneck Top


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  1. Woolsilk Crewneck Top

Look #3

Here is another look of Da-Mi in a grey collar knit sweatshirt from HEHR that would be useful for a relaxing evening at home.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 10-1

Iello Collar Knit


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  1. Iello Collar Knit

Look #4

In episode 10, Da-Mi pulls off a very stylish appearance in dark skinny jeans and a stripe knit pullover from EENK that is a sensible blend of classic and contemporary style. The attractive bag slung over her shoulder is the Tribeca crossbody bag from JOY GRYSON.

Tripe Stripe Knit Pullover


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Tribeca Crossbody Bag


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  1. Tripe Stripe Knit Pullover
  2. Tribeca Crossbody Bag

Look #5

Now, this is the loungewear we could get behind because it’s just as comfortable without losing much style. To get this look of Yoon-Soo, you will need a beige bomber jacket and camel-blend lounge pants all from Max Mara.

Hudson Bomber Jacket


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Ricerca Lounge Pants


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  1. Hudson Bomber Jacket
  2. Ricerca Lounge Pants

Look #6

As soon as this scene came out, our gaze was fixed on the trucker jacket with leather trim from Theory. Not to mention, Da-Mi’s striking black Atti bag mini from SOMETHINGGOOD is in a league of its own.

Wool-Cashmere Trucker Jacket


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Atti Bag Mini


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  1. Wool-Cashmere Trucker Jacket
  2. Atti Bag Mini

Look #7

The cute and bright striped long-sleeve shirt sported by Da-Mi in episode 11 is from Saint James.

Minquiers 18


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  1. Minquiers 18

Look #8

Opting for an outdoorsy look this time, Da-Mi pairs a black belted-detail jacket from RECTO with beige wide pants from WOOYOUNGMI. The contrast in colors surprisingly works as it is simply captivating. Now coming to her footwear, she has on an impressive pair of ‘1461’ Derby shoes from Dr. Martens. Keep your eyes out for the leather phone crossbody from Salvatore Ferragamo. The last, but definitely not the least, part of the outfit is the hoop earrings by Swarovski.

Belted-detail Double Jacket


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Beige Wide Pants


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Leather Phone Crossbody


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'1461' Derby Shoes


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Dextera Octagonal Hoop Earrings


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  1. Belted-detail Double Jacket
  2. Beige Wide Pants
  3. Leather Phone Crossbody
  4. '1461' Derby Shoes
  5. Dextera Octagonal Hoop Earrings

Look #9

It’s no secret that we want to steal Yoon-Su’s street style. So, the next time you are out and about, try this look by pairing a warm Sadie cardigan from ISABEL MARANT ETOILE with the 70’s high rise flare jeans from Levi’s. Throw on a navy overfit classic blazer from AND YOU, hop in a pair of trendy sneakers from New Balance, and you’re all set to go. But not before you strap the cute Oboe bag from TOD’S on your shoulder.  

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 11-3

Herning Overfit Classic Blazer


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Sadie Cardigan


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70s High Rise Flare Jeans


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Oboe Bag


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Made in USA 990v5 Sneakers


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  1. Herning Overfit Classic Blazer
  2. Sadie Cardigan
  3. 70s High Rise Flare Jeans
  4. Oboe Bag
  5. Made in USA 990v5 Sneakers

Look #10

There is no stopping us from getting that cozy yet fashionable checked woven overshirt from Reiss seen on Da-Mi.

Emery Checked Woven Overshirt


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  1. Emery Checked Woven Overshirt

Look #11

Can we just take a moment to adore this matching set of the V-collar knit top and flare knit pants from RRACE on Yoon-Su? It’s the perfect indoor wear for chilly days.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 12-1

V Collar Knit Top


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Flare Knit Pants


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  1. V Collar Knit Top
  2. Flare Knit Pants

Look #12

Another flawless look of Da-Mi to bear the cold consist of a belted wool coat from FENDI worn over a contrasting cream turtle neck top from BENSIMON. Moreover, the cassette cross-body bucket bag from Bottega Veneta elevates the whole outfit.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Fashion - Kim Da-Mi - Episode 12-2

Belted Wool Coat


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Turtle Neck Top


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  1. Belted Wool Coat
  2. Turtle Neck Top
  3. Cassette

Look #13

Want to expand your wardrobe? You can add Yoon-Su’s olive-green belted-waist coat from SANDRO to your coat collection.

Jenny Belted-waist Coat


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  1. Jenny Belted-waist Coat

Look #14

Da-Mi’s final look for the day is just as impressive. It is composed of a pocket shirt from DEPOUND that is worn over a dark cashmere knit turtleneck from LEVAR. A touch of luxury is added with the Swarovski embellished necklace adorned around her neck. And as usual, the Sierra shoulder bag from JOY GRYSON completes the outfit.

Standard Oxford Pocket Shirts


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Cashmere Turtleneck Knit


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Swarovski Embellished Necklace


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Sierra Shoulder Bag


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  1. Standard Oxford Pocket Shirts
  2. Cashmere Turtleneck Knit
  3. Swarovski Embellished Necklace
  4. Sierra Shoulder Bag

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