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K-Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Better? – August 2021

K-Fashion Face-Off Who Wore It Better – -August 2021

We love a glamorous twinning style moment from our favorite K-pop celebrities. Although they have a wide range of designers to choose from, just like us, sometimes it is inevitable that they will wear the same outfits.

For August, we have prepared some South Korean A-listers outfit clashes. Get ready, let’s GO!

Korean celebrities wearing the same outfits - August 2021

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Panelled Lace-trim Camisole Dress


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  1. Panelled Lace-trim Camisole Dress

We love how fun this Blumarine camisole dress is, and we love the way Rosé styled it so casually with a cool denim jacket. Joy’s look is cute and refreshing, but Rosé created an eye-catching contrast between the soft and stiff fabrics.

Rosé scored this round.

Who do you think wore it better?

Yoona vs Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Puff-sleeved Cloqué Dress


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  1. Puff-sleeved Cloqué Dress

This cute yet elegant puff-sleeved cloque dress from Cecilie Bahnsen really captured our eyes. Both Yoona and Jennie favored this dress.

This dress is easy to style and hard to go wrong. Both girls nailed their looks! If you are looking for a showstopper, don’t miss this one!

Who do you think wore it better?

Sunny vs Joy (RED VELVET)

Off-shoulder Blouse


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  1. Off-shoulder Blouse

Joy and Sunny showcased how to style an item for different occasions.

Joy paired the crystal-embellished off-shoulder blouse from Self-Portrait with a black short skirt and created a sexy look, perfect for clubbing or a date night.

Sunny, on the other hand, styled it with a pair of black trousers. Her look is great for standing out in a company event without being over the top.

Who do you think wore it better?

Winter (AESPA) vs Irene (RED VELVET)

Gingham-check Cropped Top


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  1. Gingham-check Cropped Top

Check print is all the heat right now. Winter and Irene both chose this Alexanderwang.T gingham-check cropped top for their look.

Both girls’ looks are sweet and chic. Which one is your favorite?

Who do you think wore it better?

Nayeon (TWICE) vs Wendy (RED VELVET)

Rozen Semi-sheer Lace Dress


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  1. Rozen Semi-sheer Lace Dress

No girl in their right mind can say no to this adorable lace dress from Sandro! The classic collar, cute bow detail, and beautiful floral lace pattern along with the stylish paneled color block design made this dress an excellent choice for effortlessly standing out from the crowd.

Both Nayeon and Wendy look absolutely stunning in this dress. Would this dress be one of your picks on your next shopping spree?

Who do you think wore it better?

Yoojung (WEKI MEKI) vs Lim Na-Young

Square Neck Button Vest Top


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Star Dotted Check Shorts


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  1. Square Neck Button Vest Top
  2. Star Dotted Check Shorts

We love the dark academia vibe of this square neck button vest and check shorts set. Yoojung styled them with a white shirt, while Lim Na-Young kept it simple yet elegant.

Our vote goes to Lim Na-young.

Who do you think wore it better?

Lee Hi vs Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

Contrast-panel Maxi Dress


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  1. Contrast-panel Maxi Dress

This contrast-panel maxi dress from Blumarine is full of character. This is the dress that you wear with an instant “cool girl” badge on your back. Lee Hi and Hwasa both picked this dress.

We love both looks, but no doubt Hwasa captured the spirit of this dress and totally nailed that sexy, fierce, wild girl look.

Who do you think wore it better?

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) vs Seungmin (STRAY KIDS)

Blue Collegiate Sweatshirt


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  1. Blue Collegiate Sweatshirt

Talk about this Fall’s wardrobe-essentials. This blue collegiate sweatshirt from Rhude is definitely a must-have if you like a stylishly laidback look, just like Seungkwan and Seungmin here.

We love how both of them kept his look simple yet still super stylish.

Who do you think wore it better?

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