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K-Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Better? – September 2021

Who Wore It Better - September 2021

Along with rain and temperature drops, we are officially entering 2021’s Fall season. Time to bring out your favorite snack and drink; get cozy.

Read this month’s issue of K-Fashion Face-Off, and get inspired!

Korean celebrities wearing the same outfits - September 2021

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Taeyong (NCT) vs Yeonjun (TXT)

Cowboy Cuff Strght JNS


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  1. Cowboy Cuff Strght JNS

We love this pair of jeans from Y/Project. They are casual with a touch of an edgy twist. Both NCT‘s Taeyong and TXT‘s Yeonjun chose this pair of jeans in their looks.

For us, the bold patterned top really took Yeonjun’s look to the next level. Our vote goes to Yeonjun.

Who do you think wore it better?

Yuri vs Seulgi (RED VELVET)

Logo Embroidered Cropped Top


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  1. Logo Embroidered Cropped Top

Combining two trending elements, knit vest and cropped top, this cropped knit vest from ETRO really hit home! Yuri and Seulgi both chose this item for their looks.

While we like the bold approach Yuri took with her look, Seulgi’s look is like academia style on steroids. We can easily see this look with a leather jacket turning heads around on the street.

Our point goes to Seulgi.

Who do you think wore it better?

Chungha vs Taeyeon

Carretto-print Flared Midi Dress


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  1. Carretto-print Flared Midi Dress

We absolutely love this stunning Carretto-print flared dress from Dolce & Gabbana. You can do no wrong with this statement-making piece. Both Chungha and Taeyeon nailed their look.

However, we would appreciate Chungha’s look better if she had chosen to put her hair up. Taeyeon won our vote this round.

Who do you think wore it better?

Rosé (BLACKPINK) vs Jeon So-mi

Argyle-knit Cardigan


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Vicose Blend Knit Mini Shorts


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  1. Argyle-knit Cardigan
  2. Vicose Blend Knit Mini Shorts

This is a really hard one. Both Rosé and Jeon So-mi rocked this knit cardigan and knit shorts matching set from Alessandra Rich.

While we may not able to pull off the shorts easily in our daily life, the knit top would be a great addition to our wardrobe this autumn.

Which one is your favorite look?

Who do you think wore it better?

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) vs Beomgyu (TXT)

Checkerboard Sleeveless Vest


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  1. Checkerboard Sleeveless Vest

Bold and fun to wear, this is our first impression when first looking at this checkerboard sleeveless vest from Stefan Cooke.

We love Soyeon’s interpretation on this one – cute yet full of character.

Who do you think wore it better?

Jennie (BLACKPINK) vs Lee Hi

Logo-charm Open Cardigan


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  1. Logo-charm Open Cardigan

Jennie and Lee Hi both chose Jacquemus’s cardigan for their ensembles. Compared to Lee Hi, we thought Jennie’s choice of a white tank top created better visual contrast. Besides, Jennie’s high ponytail worked well with her overall ensemble.

Our point goes to Jennie.

Who do you think wore it better?

Johnny (NCT) vs Dawn

Slogan-print Roll-neck Jumper


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  1. Slogan-print Roll-neck Jumper

It is not every day you see people rocking a neon blue roll-neck jumper like a boss. Today we have two!

While Dawn’s look is whimsical and edgy, we thought the dark-colored jacket Johnny really helped balancing the popping neon color. We could easily opt for a dark blazer jacket or a winter coat for a more accessible daily look.

Both celebrities nailed their looks.

Who do you think wore it better?

IU vs Tiffany Young

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress


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  1. Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

Both IU and Tiffany Young chose this lovely floral puff-sleeved mini dress from alice + Olivia.

This dress is a great option if you are looking for something effortless and stylish. We can’t decide which look is our favorite.

Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

Who do you think wore it better?

IU vs Ten (NCT) vs Yuqi ((G)I-DLE)

  1. T-shirt

IU, NCT Ten, and Yuqi all favored this Gucci tee for their looks. While IU and Yuqi layered the T-shirt with a black top, Ten, on the other hand, created a retro look by pairing it with a bucket hat, and a pair of jeans. We love the color combination and the representation of his look.

Our last point of the day goes to Ten. What about you?

Who do you think wore it better?

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