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K-Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Better? – August 2020

K-Fashion Face-Off Who Wore It Better – August 2020

There we go, another page of the year 2020 has flipped over. While it is hard to balance a healthy social life with physical distancing, we are here to make sure when you go out and resume your normal life, your wardrobe will be fully equipped with trending items that you love. For those fashionistas that are looking for fresh styling inspirations, we promise you, the next 2 minutes you spend on this article will not disappoint you! So let’s dive into this month’s K-Fashion Face-Off

Korean celebrities wearing the same outfits - August 2020

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Soojin (G)I-DLE vs Umji (GFRIEND)

Alice Heart Neck Blouse


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  1. Alice Heart Neck Blouse

Gingham is one of those prints that rolls around each year in the fashion world. Although some of you may think that it screams “school girl” vibe, modern designers have transferred them and made them able to fit into any wardrobe. If you are looking for some old-fashion gingham print to put a perfect ending to your summer, this retro-inspired heart neck blouse from Vocavaca would be a perfect fit.

Umji’s pink version is sweet which, in our opinion, has much more styling potential to create a statement-making look. Meanwhile, Soonjin’s look is refreshing and the balancing between retro and modern is spot on.

Our point goes to Soojin.

Who do you think wore it better?

Jennie (BLACKPINK) vs Sandara Park vs Hani (EXID)

White Mini Shirt Dress


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  1. White Mini Shirt Dress

With the perfect amount of sexy and innocent infused in the design, this white mini shirt dress from Alexander Wang demands our full attention when present.

We have to say, it feels like this shirt is custom made for Jennie to extend her sweet sexy vibe to full potential.

On the other hand, we love Hani’s approach of tucking it in the mini denim skirt as well. It is a very useful styling trick we should all take notes of.

Compare to them, Sandara’s look lacks a focusing point, therefore fell a bit short.

Who do you think wore it better?


Crochet-knit Tank Top


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Logo Label Flared Jeans


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  1. Crochet-knit Tank Top
  2. Logo Label Flared Jeans

This is such an exotic yet fun look which is great for vacations or music festivals. Both IU and Joy shared their look wearing Gucci’s crochet-knit tank top and flared jeans.

IU styled her look with a straw hat and chunky sandals. She looks ready to enjoy a wonderful holiday on a tropical island.

Joy’s look is urban and chic, perfect for night clubs or music festivals.

Who do you think wore it better?

Naeun (APINK) vs Tzuyu (TWICE)

Ginnie Draped Satin Dress


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Sleeveless Midi Dress


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  1. Ginnie Draped Satin Dress
  2. Sleeveless Midi Dress

Here we have Naeun with an elegant event look wearing a white satin dress from Vivienne Westwood, and Tzuyu with a more daring styling wearing the black version of the same dress.

In our opinion, Tzuyu could have switched to leather boots and put her hair up into a sleek ponytail for a more committed daring look.

Point goes to Naeun.

Who do you think wore it better?

Donghae (SUPER JUNIOR) vs Lee Know (STRAY KIDS)

Horseferry Print Oxford Shirt


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  1. Horseferry Print Oxford Shirt

Both Donghae and Lee Know attended events with Burberry’s Horseferry print Oxford shirt.

While both looks are spot on and fit their personas, we prefer Donghae’s casual approach to this shirt and the overall styling.

Who do you think wore it better?

Han Ye-Seul vs Son Ye-Jin

Ruched Mini Dress


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  1. Ruched Mini Dress

Hats down to both Han Ye-Seul and Son Ye-Jin as they both nailed their looks with this stunning ruched mini black dress from Alexandre Vauthier.

Although Han Ye-Seul’s outfit is not an everyday look, for a night out, this is the “armor” you want to slay the dance floor.

Son Ye-Jin’s approach is more conservative but practical, perfect for an official event or a romantic date night.

Who do you think wore it better?

Jeon So-Mi vs Lee Hi

Corset-insert Cropped Shirt


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  1. Corset-insert Cropped Shirt

This corset-insert cropped shirt from Alexander Wang is artistic and filled with drama. No wonder despite the styling differences, both Jeon So-Mi and Lee Hi fell for it.

Somi styled it with a graphic denim skirt which created a taste of wildness. Meanwhile, Lee Hi’s approach created a calming yet artistic vibe.

Both celebrities owned their looks, it is a tie in our opinion.

Who do you think wore it better?

Irene (RED VELVET) vs Kim Yoo-jung

Belted Single-breasted Jacket


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  1. Belted Single-breasted Jacket

A well-tailored jacket is not only stylish but also empowering to wear as an official event look. Both Irene and Kim Yoo-Jung had picked this belted jacket from Prada to be their event look.

Their looks are almost identical, and we think they both nailed it. Therefore, instead of judging their look, we will throw out a couple of more styling suggestions to get you girls inspired!

For a casual day out, why not opt for a trending slip-on silk dress inside. You can also go for an edgier look by styling the jacket with a simple tee, a pair of biker shorts, and white sneakers.

Who do you think wore it better?

We hope you all enjoyed this as much as we did. Leave your comments below and share your styling tricks with us!

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