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Song Joong-Ki’s Fashion As Vincenzo Cassano In K-Drama ‘Vincenzo’ Episodes 1-8

Vincenzo Fashion - Song Joong-Ki - Episodes 1-8

We’re diving into the world of crime today with the highly-rated K-drama ‘Vincenzo’! Released on February 20 of this year, this crime comedy series is taking the world of K-drama by storm. I mean, why not? It’s got a great story, great acting, and great fashion, especially that of the handsome lead, Song Joong-Ki!

So if you love fashion, crime drama, and Joong-Ki, you’re going to love this article, because we’re bringing you the best outfits worn by him in episodes 1-8! 

Song Joong-Ki's Fashion in Korean Drama Vincenzo Episodes 1-8

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Song Joong-Ki’s Fashion in Episodes 1-8 of K-drama ‘Vincenzo’

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Look #1

You’re about to see Joong-Ki in lots of fashionable robes and pajamas! Let’s start off with this chic set from happiestness.

Hugo Robe Spark of Light


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  1. Hugo Robe Spark of Light

Look #2

Who wouldn’t try on this pajama set from happiestness? It’s trendy, and it’s Joong-Ki approved! What more could we ask for?

Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion - Song Joong-Ki - Episode 1-2

Black Iris Pyjama Set


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  1. Black Iris Pyjama Set

Look #3

There are two things that made him look so handsome in this scene. The fact that he’s Joong-Ki (obviously), and that he donned another pajama set from happiestness.

Cloud Dancer Pyjama Set


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  1. Cloud Dancer Pyjama Set

Look #4

Let’s take a break from robes and pajamas for a moment and look at how elegant and handsome Joong-Ki looked in his stripe jacket and stripe pants from SYSTEM.

Stripe Jacket


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Stripe Pants


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  1. Stripe Jacket
  2. Stripe Pants

Look #5

Joong-Ki looked like a million dollars as he got back to his cozy fashion choices in this scene.

Dahlia Dreams Robe


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Dahlia Dreams Pyjama Set


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  1. Dahlia Dreams Robe
  2. Dahlia Dreams Pyjama Set

Look #6

A truly elegant man never forgets his watch. And Joong-Ki looked more elegant than ever when he topped off his outfit with the luxurious Classic Fusion Automatic Chronograph Watch from HUBLOT.

Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion - Song Joong-Ki - Episode 4-2

Classic Fusion Automatic Chronograph


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  1. Classic Fusion Automatic Chronograph

Look #7

Joong-Ki rocked a full sporty look with the help of Under Armour’s UA fourfront rain jacket, Project Rock knit track pants, and UA Phantom running shoes.

UA Forefront Rain Jacket


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Project Rock Knit Track Pants


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Running Shoes


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  1. UA Forefront Rain Jacket
  2. Project Rock Knit Track Pants
  3. Running Shoes

Look #8

He looked especially classy in this particular outfit, which would’ve never been complete without his fancy Monaco Calibre watch from TAG Heuer.

Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion - Song Joong-Ki - Episode 5-2

Monaco Calibre 11 39mm


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  1. Monaco Calibre 11 39mm

Look #9

 While investigating, he totally looked the part in this black jacket from Barbour

International Jacket


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  1. International Jacket

Look #10

Wearing this super chic snap-button coat from Barbour, Joong-Ki looked like a true prince on a white horse!

Snap-button Coat


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  1. Snap-button Coat

Look #11

This overcoat by Universal Works would make anyone look effortlessly stylish, and Joong-Ki was no exception!



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  1. Overcoat

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