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Park Min-Young’s Fashion As Choi Sang-Eun In K-Drama ‘Love In Contract’ Episodes 1-2

Love In Contract Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episodes 1-2

‘Love In Contract’ premiered on 21st September and offers a unique perspective on dating and companionship. The drama stars Park Min-Young, Go Kyung-Pyo, and Kim Jae-Young in lead roles and promises the classic love triangle trope with a refreshing twist. As we eagerly wait for the next episodes, let us take some time off to go through the extensive list of the incredible fashion moments seen in the first two episodes.

Here are the outfits worn by Park Min-Young during her portrayal of Choi Sang-Eun.

Park Min-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Love In Contract Episodes 1-2

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Park Min-Young’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Love In Contract’ Episodes 1-2

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Look #1

In the very first episode, Min-Young dressed up in a delicate Miu Miu outfit in the form of a pink tweed crop jacket and a mini skirt. While she also carried a matelassé mini hobo bag from the same brand, we couldn’t help but spot a hint of these lovely earrings from Tiffany & Co.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 1-1

Tweed Contrast-Trim Jacket


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Tweed A-Line Mini Skirt


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Mini Hobo Bag


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Tiffany Victoria Earrings


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  1. Tweed Contrast-Trim Jacket
  2. Tweed A-Line Mini Skirt
  3. Mini Hobo Bag
  4. Tiffany Victoria Earrings

Look #2

To put together this classy outfit, she got a little help from EENK‘s beige tie-neck scarf blouse and ALAÏA‘s stunningly eccentric corset small leather bucket bag.

Tancy Tie-Neck Scarf Blouse


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Corset Small Bucket Bag


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  1. Tancy Tie-Neck Scarf Blouse
  2. Corset Small Bucket Bag

Look #3

Here, she wore an asymmetric gathered wrap mini dress from Self-Portrait for a polished and effortless look. Moreover, the pearl and diamond earrings from ellepeut added a subtle wave of glamor.

Wrap Mini Dress


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Earring 0044


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  1. Wrap Mini Dress
  2. Earring 0044

Look #4

Min-Young proved her ability to pull off a dark and sensual aesthetic by pairing a Dolce & Gabbana frayed edge tweed jacket with a matching fitted skirt. She completed the look by choosing a medium quilted shoulder bag, also from Dolce & Gabbana, to go with the overall tone of the outfit.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 1-4

Frayed Edge Tweed Jacket


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Frayed Fitted Skirt


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Devotion Quilted Shoulder Bag


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  1. Frayed Edge Tweed Jacket
  2. Frayed Fitted Skirt
  3. Devotion Quilted Shoulder Bag

Look #5

We have another stylish look that combines a sky blue jacket from WMM with a cream pearl blouse from NOPROMISE and leather sandals from GIANVITO ROSSI. The accessories include a pair of medium model earrings from FRED and a small white leather bag from Fendi.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 1-5
Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 1-5

Emma Jacket


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Pearl Blouse


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Peekaboo Iseeu Small


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Spice Plexi & Leather Sandals


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Force 10 Earrings


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  1. Emma Jacket
  2. Pearl Blouse
  3. Peekaboo Iseeu Small
  4. Spice Plexi & Leather Sandals
  5. Force 10 Earrings

Look #6

Next up, Min-Young wore a pink stripe shirt dress and a matching sleep mask, both from AVAM.

Stripe Shirts Dress


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Stripe Sleep Mask


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  1. Stripe Shirts Dress
  2. Stripe Sleep Mask

Look #7

This uber chic double-breasted long-sleeved jacket is from Acne Studios.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 1-7

Double-Breasted Jacket


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  1. Double-Breasted Jacket

Look #8

In this scene, she cut a laid-back figure in a blue crew neck sweatshirt from MAISONMARAIS. Also, the medium leather croissant bag from LEMAIRE doubled as a cool addition to the outfit.

En Blanc Crewneck


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Croissant Shoulder Bag


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  1. En Blanc Crewneck
  2. Croissant Shoulder Bag

Look #9

Min-Young then wore a pink ruffle trim top from ISABEL MARANT for a prim and proper outfit fit for a formal outing.

Dayden Top


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  1. Dayden Top

Look #10

Wearing a black unbalanced shoulder knit top from aimons, a high-rise miniskirt from ALAÏA, and star-like earrings from ellepeut, we have Min-Young in another gorgeous outfit.

Unbalance Shouder Knit


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High-rise Miniskirt


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Starlike Earring


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  1. Unbalance Shouder Knit
  2. High-rise Miniskirt
  3. Starlike Earring

Look #11

While this tweed spencer jacket from Balmain had something to do with her fresh appearance, it is safe to say that the wool hairband and classic pearl earrings from Vintage Hollywood elevated the look.

Tweed Spencer Jacket


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Merci Wool Hairband


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  1. Tweed Spencer Jacket
  2. Merci Wool Hairband

Look #12

Self-Portrait’s pretty and comfortable speckle-knit dress is a must-have item for any stylish wardrobe. Wear it with off-white storm sandals from PROENZA SCHOULER like Min-Young did and we have a simple yet captivating outfit.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 1-12

Speckle-knit Dress


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Off-White Storm Sandals


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  1. Speckle-knit Dress
  2. Off-White Storm Sandals

Look #13

Min-Young donned a pink sailor collar blouse from EENK for loungewear in the second episode.

Uroppin Sailor Collar Blouse


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  1. Uroppin Sailor Collar Blouse

Look #14

This logo-button cropped knitted cardigan from Balmain is a good look on her.

Cropped Knitted Cardigan


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  1. Cropped Knitted Cardigan

Look #15

SLEEPER‘s white party pajama set seen here is the embodiment of comfort and leisure.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 2-3

White Party Pyjama Set


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  1. White Party Pyjama Set

Look #16

She then wore an off-white short dress from SPORTMAX and a cherry necklace from ellepeut.

Off-White Esploso Short Dress


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Cherry Necklace


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  1. Off-White Esploso Short Dress
  2. Cherry Necklace

Look #17

The next look featured a double-breasted blazer in lavender from Stella McCartney and needless to say, Min-Young looked just as beautiful.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 2-5

Double-breasted Blazer


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  1. Double-breasted Blazer

Look #18

She got this bohemian style graphic-print one-shoulder dress from IRO.

One-shoulder Dress


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  1. One-shoulder Dress

Look #19

We simply love this printing strap top from SYSTEM for its harmonious color designs.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 2-7

Printing Strap Top


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  1. Printing Strap Top

Look #20

Min-Young’s final outfit for today is a memorable one as it is easy to make an impression in CLAUDIE PIERLOT‘s floral-print woven blazer and Alexander McQueen‘s leather crossbody bag.

Floral-print Woven Blazer


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Four Ring Crossbody Bag


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  1. Floral-print Woven Blazer
  2. Four Ring Crossbody Bag

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