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Seohyun’s Fashion As Cha Joo-Eun In K-Drama ‘Private Lives’ Episodes 5-8

Private Lives Fashion - Seohyun - Episodes 5-8

The more you watch ‘Private Lives‘, the more impressed you get by the wide array of well-selected fashion worn by Seohyun.

In this article, we will delight your eyes with 7 of Seohyun’s dazzling outfits in episodes 5 to 8, so prepare to fall in love!

Seohyun's Fashion in Korean Drama Private Lives Episodes 5-8

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Seohyun’s Fashion in Episodes 5-8 of K-drama ‘Private Lives’

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Look #1

Seohyun takes her sweatpants game to the next level with these very unique camouflage jogger pants by FM9102.

Sunset Jogger Pants Camouflage


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Look #2 

If dreamy pastel colors aren’t your thing, this multi-color belted windbreaker by SJYP that Seohyun wears will definitely change your mind.

Belted Multicolor Windbreaker


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  1. Belted Multicolor Windbreaker

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Look #3

In case you’re into military-inspired fashion, Seohyun’s got a lovely treat for your eyes. She slips into her khaki overalls from FM9102 and laces up a pair of CONVERSE‘s gray Chuck 70 high sneakers.



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Grey Chuck 70 High Sneakers


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Look #4

If there’s a piece out there that would make you nail the polka dot style, it’s definitely this dot see-through dress by FAYEWOO. And it looks OUTSTANDING on Seohyun!

Private Lives Kdrama Fashion - Seohyun - Episode 8-1

Dot Seethrough One-piece


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Look #5

Seohyun once again proves that simplicity is key; she looks as pretty as ever with nothing but a cute ponytail and a sea lily-print T-shirt dress from Kenzo!

Sea Lily-print T-shirt Dress


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Look #6

We miss a lot of opportunities in life, but come on, who could ever pass up on wearing this gorgeous beige dress by capricieux? Seohyun certainly didn’t!

Round Cutting Dress


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Look #7

Want to put together a perfect outfit? Follow Seohyun’s steps: First, put on this purple corset dress by ICMI. Next, wear these fabulous Bottega Veneta strappy square-toe sandals. Then, carry this cute micro candy bag by Playnomore. And that’s it, you’re all set!

20ICMSM008 Corset Dress


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Micro Candy Bag


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Strappy Square-toe Sandals


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