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Seo Ji-Hye’s Fashion As Woo Do-Hee In K-Drama ‘Dinner Mate’ Episodes 5-10

Dinner Mate Fashion - Seo Ji-Hye - Episodes 5-10

Seo Ji-Hye once again showcases a variety of cool work and casual looks in Dinner Mate! As the interesting story unfolds in each episode, viewers are in for a treat when Ji-Hye puts out a good performance and a relatable wardrobe!

Here are her best looks from episodes 5 to 10:

Seo Ji-Hye's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Dinner Mate' Episodes 5-10

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Seo Ji-Hye’s Fashion in Episodes 5-10 of K-drama ‘Dinner Mate’

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Look #1

Ji-Hye worked with layers and wore this washed logo embroidered hoodie from ITER with this power shoulder jacket from Instantfunk. She added a pop color with this Gancini motif shoulder bag from Salvator Ferragamo.

Power Shoulder Single Jacket


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Washed Logo Embroidered Hoodie


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Gancini Motif Shoulder Bag


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  2. Washed Logo Embroidered Hoodie
  3. Gancini Motif Shoulder Bag

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Look #2

She styled another casual look and wore this Minimal hoodie from Liful with this belted Bayswater satchel from Mulberry.

Minimal Hoodie Navy


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Belted Bayswater satchel


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  1. Minimal Hoodie Navy
  2. Belted Bayswater satchel

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Look #3

She can be spotted carrying this grain leather mini Tara bag from Tom Ford.

Dinner Mate Kdrama Fashion - Seo Ji-hye - Ep 8-1

Grain Leather Mini Tara Crossbody Bag


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  1. Grain Leather Mini Tara Crossbody Bag

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Look #4

She also wore this cozy Uni plain cardigan from PLAC over a white tee.

Uni Plain Catdigan


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Look #5

In yet another comfy ensemble, she rocked this Jojo Spot cardigan from Zadig & Voltaire.

Jojo Spot Cardigan


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  1. Jojo Spot Cardigan

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Look #6

For a casual work-ready ensemble, she paired her robe double jacket from General Idea Standard with this pair of M2k Tekno Ess sneakers from Nike.

Robe Double Jacket Navy


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M2k Tekno Ess Sneakers


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