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Park Min-Young’s Fashion As Kang Ji-Won In The K-Drama ‘Marry My Husband’ Episodes 1-4

Marry My Husband Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episodes 1-4

Built on a gratifying revenge premise, ‘Marry My Husband’ has everything it needs for it to be a gripping watch. The drama, which is an adaptation of the web novel of the same name, stars Park Min-Young alongside Na In-Woo, Lee Yi-Kyung, and Song Ha-Yoon.

Park Min-Young takes us on the journey of her character Kang Ji-Won, who is given a second chance to rise from the ashes. Her versatile performance is further enhanced by her fashion choices that indicate the state of her mind. Following are her outfits from the first four episodes of the drama.

Park Min-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Marry My Husband' Episodes 1-4

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Park Min-Young’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Marry My Husband ‘ Episodes 1-4  

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Look #1

In the first look from episode 1, Park Min-Young paired a green check pattern wool blend jacket from grove with a grey pleated midi skirt of the same brand. The look is simple and timeless.

Bella Jacket


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22F/W Sins Skirt


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  1. Bella Jacket
  2. 22F/W Sins Skirt

Look #2

For another one of her casual looks, she put together a green logo cashmere patch white T-shirt from BARRIE with a charcoal zip-up hoodie from girl skateboard and logo-embroidered track pants by Isabel Marant Étoile.

Marry My Husband Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 1-2

Typo Logo Hoodie Zipup


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Logo Embroidered Track Pants


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  1. Typo Logo Hoodie Zipup
  2. T-shirt
  3. Logo Embroidered Track Pants

Look #3

This square silhouette black bag from ALKI ALKA made a striking statement against her neutral-toned outfit.

Peds Bag


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  1. Peds Bag

Look #4

Min-Young maintained her conservative work attire in episode 2, elegantly styling a navy argyle knit vest from SIYAZU with an ivory A-line skirt from MONPLISSE.

Argyle Knit Vest


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Wide Plisse A-line Skirt


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  1. Argyle Knit Vest
  2. Wide Plisse A-line Skirt

Look #5

Open Collar Cardigan


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  1. Open Collar Cardigan

Look #6

In episode 3, we see her in a navy floral pattern puff sleeve knit cardigan from EENK that wonderfully complimented her summer dress.

Floral Pattern Puff Sleeve Cardigan


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Chunky Lace-up Loafers


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  1. Floral Pattern Puff Sleeve Cardigan
  2. Chunky Lace-up Loafers

Look #7

She then cut a confident and stylish figure in Valentino‘s black and gold tweed mini dress, complete with the brand’s ivory white small rock stud shoulder bag.

Vgold Tweed Minidress


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Small Rockstud23 Shoulder Bag


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  1. Vgold Tweed Minidress
  2. Small Rockstud23 Shoulder Bag

Look #8

Showcasing another chic look, Min-Young tried out a yellow bouclé diamante-embellished dress from Self-Portrait.

Bouclé Diamante-embellished Dress


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  1. Bouclé Diamante-embellished Dress

Look #9

The combination of a pink asymmetric cropped hem mica jacket and low rise mini skirt, both from RECTO, with a black one-shoulder top is quite the fashion statement.

Pink Mica Jacket


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Pink Mica Miniskirt


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  1. Pink Mica Jacket
  2. Pink Mica Miniskirt

Look #10

She was the picture of grace in an ivory crepe jersey ruched dress from Proenza Schouler while carrying a beige mini leather tote bag from Ferragamo.

Marry My Husband Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 3-5

Crepe Jersey Ruched Dress


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Mini Wanda Leather Tote Bag


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  1. Crepe Jersey Ruched Dress
  2. Mini Wanda Leather Tote Bag

Look #11

Min-Young’s work outfit from episode 4 features a white silk stand collar blouse from Avouavou and a top handle small black bag from Cartier.

Marry My Husband Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 4-1

Silk Stand Collar Blouse
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Top Handle Bag


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  1. Silk Stand Collar Blouse
  2. Top Handle Bag

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