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Park Gyu-Young’s Fashion As Kim Da-Li In K-Drama ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Episodes 1-4

Dali and Cocky Prince Fashion - Park Gyu-Young - Episodes 1-4

Finally, the long-awaited K-drama ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ has been released! Fans are already all about watching the romance between a rich man who lacks education (Kim Min-Jae) and a prestigious, well-educated young woman (Park Gyu-Young)

If you’ve been watching the show, you’ve probably noticed how well-dressed Gyu-Young is — she doesn’t appear in ANY scene unless she’s dressed stylishly from head to toe. And today, we’re giving you a feast for the eyes because we’re about to show you exactly what this beauty wore in episodes 1 to 4. Let’s jump right into it!

Park Gyu-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Dali And Cocky Prince Episodes 1-4

Park Gyu-Young’s Fashion in K-drama ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Episodes 1-4

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Look #1

In her first look, Gyu-Young proved that nerdy looks can be both stylish and cute. To achieve this look, she opted for a cotton-blend mesh cardigan from BOTTEGA VENETA, the Run Star Hike Hi sneakers from CONVERSE, a shoulder bag from BOTTEGA VENETA, and a pair of earrings from hyeres-lor.

Cotton-blend Mesh Cardigan


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Etrive 14K Duet Earrings


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Point Medium Shoulder Bag


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Run Star Hike Hi Sneakers


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  1. Cotton-blend Mesh Cardigan
  2. Etrive 14K Duet Earrings
  3. Point Medium Shoulder Bag
  4. Run Star Hike Hi Sneakers

Look #2

The elegant Gyu-Young has to do everything in style. Even after her shower, she wears a stunning shower robe from wiggle wiggle.

Dali and Cocky Prince Kdrama Fashion - Park Gyu-Young - Episode 1-2

Shower Robe


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  1. Shower Robe

Look #3

Now, this is real-life proof that humans can turn into dolls! For this extraordinary outfit, Gyu-Young donned a high neck baby doll dress from DEW E DEW E and accessorized it with a lovely pair of petit heart cubic earrings from ENGBROX.

Dali and Cocky Prince Kdrama Fashion - Park Gyu-Young - Episode 1-3

High Neck Baby Doll Dress


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Petit Heart Cubic Earring


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  1. High Neck Baby Doll Dress
  2. Petit Heart Cubic Earring

Look #4

Another doll-like look pulled off by Gyu-Young! The secret items for this gorgeous look are a fine cord lace midi dress from Self-Portrait, an extraordinary pair of tulle-strap satin sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti, and a Bon Bon crystal top-handle bag from JIMMY CHOO

Fine Cord Lace Midi Dress


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Bon Bon Crystal Bag


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Nausica Tulle-strap Satin Sandals


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  1. Fine Cord Lace Midi Dress
  2. Bon Bon Crystal Bag
  3. Nausica Tulle-strap Satin Sandals

Look #5

We’re literally losing our minds over this unbelievably stunning look of Gyu-Young’s, which she topped off with a pretty black small Kiss crossbody bag by Chloé.

Small Kiss Crossbody Bag


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  1. Small Kiss Crossbody Bag

Look #6

Seeing this walking, breathing doll in black is such a pleasure. In this scene, Gyu-Young was wearing a black tornado long-sleeve dress and carrying a white leather tote bag, both from ALAÏA.

Tornado Long-Sleeve Dress


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Corset 22 Scalloped Tote


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  1. Tornado Long-Sleeve Dress
  2. Corset 22 Scalloped Tote

Look #7

Without a doubt, Gyu-Young’s look in this scene was super cute! Two items that stand out in this look are her glasses by PROJEKT PRODUKT and the Diamond Light low-top sneakers by Jimmy Choo.

AU12 Black Pink Gold


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Diamond Light Low-top Sneakers


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  1. AU12 Black Pink Gold
  2. Diamond Light Low-top Sneakers

Look #8

In episode 2, Gyu-Young showed us how perfectly she can pull off a classy look. She got most of the pieces in this look from Thom Browne.

Single-breasted Blazer


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Classic Long Sleeve Shirt


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Dropped Back Skirt


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  1. Single-breasted Blazer
  2. Classic Long Sleeve Shirt
  3. Dropped Back Skirt

Look #9

Another classy outfit of hers that we absolutely fell in love with is this one in episode 3, which featured an elegant blazer with a lace-seam top underneath, and a semi-sheer pleated midi skirt, all from Chloé. And to finish the whole outfit off, she accessorized herself with a beautiful pair of Champagne chunky earrings from hyeres-lor.

Single-Breasted Blazer


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Crepe Lace-Seam Long Top


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Semi-sheer Pleated Midi Skirt


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Champagne Chunky Earring S


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  1. Single-Breasted Blazer
  2. Crepe Lace-Seam Long Top
  3. Semi-sheer Pleated Midi Skirt
  4. Champagne Chunky Earring S

Look #10

If you want to look mind-blowingly feminine, do it Gyu-Young’s way by pairing a voluminous sleeve dress from AND YOU with a white chain crossbody bag from BOTTEGA VENETA.

Voluminous Sleeve Dress


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Chain Pouch Crossbody Bag


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  1. Voluminous Sleeve Dress
  2. Chain Pouch Crossbody Bag

Look #11

And finally, let’s stop for a moment to appreciate Gyu-Young’s stunning beauty when she paired this Vivienne Westwood tailored jacket with a small tartan bucket bag from the same brand.

Drunken Tailor Jacket


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Betty Small Tartan Bucket Bag


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  1. Drunken Tailor Jacket
  2. Betty Small Tartan Bucket Bag

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