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Park Gyu-Young’s Fashion As Kim Da-Li In K-Drama ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Episodes 5-8

Dali and Cocky Prince Fashion - Park Gyu-Young - Episodes 5-8

We’re here again to cover the outstanding looks of the beauty Park Gyu-Young from ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’! With each episode released so far, the show is gaining more love and loyal fans. This isn’t just because of its unique plot and professional acting, but also because of exquisite fashion picks featured in this show, whether the ones worn by Kim Min-Jae or by Park Gyu-Young (we’ve ONLY ever seen her looking stunning!). 

With that said, you’re about to witness 8 splendid looks by Gyu-Young seen in episodes 5 to 8. Let’s jump right into it… 

Park Gyu-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Dali And Cocky Prince Episodes 5-8

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Park Gyu-Young’s Fashion in K-drama ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Episodes 5-8

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Look #1

Imagine looking as cool and classy as Gyu-Young did here, actually you can! Just layer a classic vest from THE IZZAT COLLECTION on a balloon sleeve button-up shirt from Voice of Voices, and to nail the whole outfit, make sure to have on a pair of Monochrome sunglasses from Prada!

Classic Vest


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Balloon Sleeve Button-up Shirt


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Monochrome Sunglasses


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  2. Balloon Sleeve Button-up Shirt
  3. Monochrome Sunglasses

Look #2

FLAWLESS is the word that can best describe this look of Gyu-Young’s. To pull it off, she paired a crystal-embellished cotton shirt by Essentiel Antwerp with a pair of pumps by RACHEL COX.

Crystal-embellished Shirt


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  1. Crystal-embellished Shirt
  2. Pumps

Look #3

She truly nailed her black and white outfit, and a big part of that is because of her stylish bag from Louis Vuitton!



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  1. Cannes

Look #4

This super cute lady over here is just Gyu-Young in avouavou’s black tweed short jacket and tweed pleated skirt. And as a finishing touch, Gyu-Young opted for a Confidential Matelassé shoulder bag by Miu Miu.

Tweed Short Jacket
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Tweed Pleats Skirt
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Confidential Matelassé Shoulder Bag


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  2. Tweed Pleats Skirt
  3. Confidential Matelassé Shoulder Bag

Look #5

Without any exaggeration, Gyu-Young looked like an absolute piece of art when she matched JW Anderson’s paisley print blazer with their matching wide-leg shorts. And just look at her Meira sandals by Jimmy Choo or her Studio tote bag by Salvatore Ferragamo. We’re in love! 

Paisley Print Linen Blazer


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Damask Print Wide-leg Shorts


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Studio Tote Bag


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Meira Sandals


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  1. Paisley Print Linen Blazer
  2. Damask Print Wide-leg Shorts
  3. Studio Tote Bag
  4. Meira Sandals

Look #6

Now we can officially stan Gyu-Young because this look of hers is AMAZING! And since you probably want to copy it, she was wearing a mini dress from SANDRO.

May Mini Dress


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  1. May Mini Dress

Look #7

Now let’s stop for a moment to appreciate the beauty of Gyu-Young wearing Rouje’s Gabin dress and holding a chic Munchkin handbag from RSVP PARIS.

Gabin Dress


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Munchkin Handbag


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  1. Gabin Dress
  2. Munchkin Handbag

Look #8

Nothing new here! Just Gyu-Young looking stunning as usual, but this time, she completed her ensemble with a cute mini Antigona vertical bag from Givenchy.

Mini Antigona Vertical Bag


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  1. Mini Antigona Vertical Bag

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