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Members of NCT 127 Sport Impressive And Diverse Looks At Incheon Airport

NCT 127's Outfit at Incheon Airport on June 22, 2022

Members of NCT 127 were spotted at the Incheon airport on June 22, as they made their way to Japan for their second tour ‘NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE LINK’ concert tour that starts in Osaka. 

The group looked all geared up for the tour as they presented lively fashion looks which showcased the charm of each member. Here’s a look at their outfits.

NCT 127’s Outfits at Incheon Airport on June 22, 2022

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Taeyong went for a super chill vibe in head-to-toe Gucci. He wore a yellow printed cotton shirt which he paired with pleated wool trousers, and the addition of a jumbo GG tote bag and logo embroidered mesh cap made his outfit even more exciting.

Printed Cotton Shirt


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Pleated Wool Trousers


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Jumbo GG Tote Bag


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Logo-embroidered Mesh Cap


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  2. Pleated Wool Trousers
  3. Jumbo GG Tote Bag
  4. Logo-embroidered Mesh Cap

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In a completely contrasting look, Doyoung had on a dapper Valentino ensemble consisting of a logo-patch bomber jacket, cotton Gabardine trousers, stylish VLogo leather loafers, and a fashionable Black Locò messenger bag.

Logo-patch Bomber Jacket


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Cotton Gabardine Trousers


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Black Locò Messenger Bag


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VLogo Leather Loafers


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  2. Cotton Gabardine Trousers
  3. Black Locò Messenger Bag
  4. VLogo Leather Loafers

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Johnny looked amazing in a Fendi jacket paired with matching Fendi white denim pants. A Peter Do dumpling medium leather shoulder bag slung over his shoulder completed his smart look.



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White Denim Pants


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Dumpling Medium Shoulder Bag


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Haechan nailed the casual vibe in an adorable small fox patch T-shirt from Maison Kitsuné.

Small Fox Patch T-shirt


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Jungwoo oozed charm in an endearing Saint Laurent x Peanuts Snoopy-print sweatshirt with which he carried a Triomphe Celine-print coated canvas and nylon belt bag from Celine.

Peanuts Snoopy-print Sweatshirt


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Belt Bag


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  2. Belt Bag

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