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Song Ha-Yoon’s Fashion As Jung Soo-Min In The K-Drama ‘Marry My Husband’ Episodes 9-16

Marry My Husband Fashion - Song Ha-Yoon - Episodes 9-16

‘Marry My Husband’ has ended its epic run on tvN as the riveting storyline and compelling cast has kept viewers glued to their screens until the finale. The story comes to a satisfying conclusion as Kang Ji-Won (Park Min-Young) and Yoo Ji-Hyuk (Na In-Woo) finally get the happy ending that they deserve, while Jung Soo-Min (Song Ha-Yoon) gets her just deserts as she was incarcerated for her crimes. 

Throughout the second half of the series, Song Ha-Yoon made being bad look so good as the actress kept slaying with her fashion choices. Here’s a look back at some of her best outfits from episodes 9 to 16.

Song Ha-Yoon's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Marry My Husband' Episodes 9-16

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Song Ha-Yoon’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Marry My Husband‘ Episodes 9-16

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Look #1

Ha-Yoon is giving luxe corporate vibes with this navy tweed crop jacket from Ivana Helsinki and a matching tweed mini skirt from the same brand. 

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Look #2

She’s subtly sexy in a form-fitting navy dress with a thigh-high front slit worn over a long sleeve white shirt. She finished her look with this Curve Logo embossed mini bucket bag from Alexander McQueen.

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Look #3

She’s every bit the lady in this cornflower blue skirt suit worn with a black leather bag from Osoi.

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Look #4

The actress looks polished and classy in blue jeans and a cerulean blue turtleneck top worn under a beige hourglass jacket from Nominate. She accessorized her outfit with this small brown shoulder bag from Osoi.

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Look #5

Ha-Yoon is deceptively sweet in this pink tweed crop jacket from Joy Gryson worn over a black and white top.

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Look #6

The star exudes pure preppy chic in a coordinating black wool jacket and skirt with cream detail from SinceThen

Marry My Husband Kdrama Fashion - Song Ha-Yoon - Episodes 11-4

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Look #7

She’s soft yet alluring in black trousers and a black V-neck top worn under a cream crop cardigan from Sistina.

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Look #8

Ha-Yoon is a modern-day femme fatale in this black crop jacket worn with a black midi skirt, patent leather boots, and a black shoulder bag from Joy Gryson.

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Look #9

The actress is prim and proper in this gray handmade half coat from Nilby P.

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Look #10

She’s warm and cozy in this long ribbed brown dress from CityBreeze worn under a cream knitted cardigan.

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Look #11

Ha-Yoon means business in a black crop jacket, a pencil skirt, and leather boots. She finished her look with the Kira black shoulder bag from Tory Burch

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