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Park Min-Young’s Fashion As Choi Sang-Eun In K-Drama ‘Love In Contract’ Episodes 11-12

Love In Contract Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episodes 11-12

‘Love In Contract’ may just be one of our favorite fall rom-coms to snuggle to. But the drama is also serious where it needs to be without overwhelming the overall lighthearted tone. And then we have Park Min-Young who completely throws it out of the park as the career-oriented Choi Sang-Eun with a killer wardrobe.

Here is the list of the latest outfit showcase from the previous two episodes of the drama.

Park Min-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Love In Contract Episodes 11-12

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Park Min-Young’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Love In Contract’ Episodes 11-12

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Look #1

The outfits in episode 11 started strong with Min-Young wearing a figure-hugging floral-print ruched dress from Off-White and carrying a small stud leather bag from Valentino for a sultry look.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 11-1

Floral-print Ruched Dress


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Small Roman Stud Leather Bag


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  1. Floral-print Ruched Dress
  2. Small Roman Stud Leather Bag

Look #2

For the next scene, Min-Young glammed up in a simple black dress from AMI paired with a puff-sleeved crop top from Alice+Olivia and a satin belt from Roger Vivier. She embellished the chic look with the addition of a diamond necklace and open hoop earrings, both from Tiffany & Co.

Dress With Godets


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Puff-Sleeved Katrice Crop Top


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T1 Diamond Necklace


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T1 Open Hoop Earrings


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Broche Vivier Satin Belt


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  1. Dress With Godets
  2. Puff-Sleeved Katrice Crop Top
  3. T1 Diamond Necklace
  4. T1 Open Hoop Earrings
  5. Broche Vivier Satin Belt

Look #3

Her peachy nightwear here – composed of a one-piece comfy dress, a matching gown, and a cute hairband – got all its components from BALCONY.

Ale Gown Peach


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Ale One Piece Peach


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Elisa Headband


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  1. Ale Gown Peach
  2. Ale One Piece Peach
  3. Elisa Headband

Look #4

For this effortlessly fashionable look, Min-Young wore a green V-neck buttoned cardigan from Marni over a sundress. She then paired it with these lovely petit drop pearl earrings from Vintage Hollywood.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 11-4

V-neck Buttoned Cardigan


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Petit drop Pearl Earrings


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  1. V-neck Buttoned Cardigan
  2. Petit drop Pearl Earrings

Look #5

Her outfit here features a black wool cap from Isabel Marant, earrings from Bulgari‘s Serpenti Collection, and shiny leather heels from Christian Louboutin.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 11-5

Serpenti Viper Earrings


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Evie Wool Cap


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Black Pigalle Follies Heels


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  1. Serpenti Viper Earrings
  2. Evie Wool Cap
  3. Black Pigalle Follies Heels

Look #6

In episode 12, Min-Young put together an impressive Alexander McQueen all-black outfit by dressing herself up in a snappy twisted jacket and a slit midi skirt, complete with a silver chain choker. As for her ball earrings, they are from Vintage Hollywood.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 12-1

Twisted Wool Jacket


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Midi Skirt


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Chain Choker


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One-touch Ball Earrings


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  1. Twisted Wool Jacket
  2. Midi Skirt
  3. Chain Choker
  4. One-touch Ball Earrings

Look #7

Min-Young’s bouclé tweed outfit from RECTO, with its matching green jacket and miniskirt, is an elegant formal outfit. A black mini-model chain bag from Cartier further accentuated the classic look.

Green Curved Jacket


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Green Pocket Miniskirt


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Mini Model Chain Bag


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  1. Green Curved Jacket
  2. Green Pocket Miniskirt
  3. Mini Model Chain Bag

Look #8

Her loungewear in this scene consists of a white vintage moto sweatshirt from GLOWNY, ribbed lounge pants in dusty rose from Kijun, and a white glitter tweed hairband from VVV.

Vintage Moto Sweatshirt


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Rib Lounge Pants


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Check Glitter Tweed Headband


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  1. Vintage Moto Sweatshirt
  2. Rib Lounge Pants
  3. Check Glitter Tweed Headband

Look #9

She curated another gorgeous outfit by combining a Nana Jacqueline checkered tweed mini dress with black leather pumps from Roger Vivier. Also, the accessories in the form of a rose gold flower necklace and earrings, both from Bulgari, complimented the contrasting colors on her dress.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 12-4
Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 12-4

Maddison Dress


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Fiorever Earrings


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Fiorever Necklace


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Belle Vivier Trompette Pumps


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  1. Maddison Dress
  2. Fiorever Earrings
  3. Fiorever Necklace
  4. Belle Vivier Trompette Pumps

Look #10

In the final look, Min-Young’s lavender bloom midi skirt from GLOWNY goes incredibly well with her sweater.

Bloom Midi Skirt


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  1. Bloom Midi Skirt

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