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TXT Are Absolute Winners With Their Fashion Choices In The ‘LOSER=LOVER’ Music Video

TXT Loser=Lover MV Fashion

MOAs around the world are now rejoicing as TXT has made their comeback with a music video of the song ‘LOSER=LOVER’. As always, they left us impressed with their talent, and we cannot get the song out of our heads because of that. Their fashion choices are completely on point, making them fashion winners in this MV.

We know you want to cop their looks, so here are some of their stunning outfits in the MV.

A Fashion Breakdown On TXT's LOSER=LOVER MV

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Yeonjun’s Look #1

Yeonjun has two looks that caught our eye here. He looks sullen while wearing this mohair devil and dolphin vest from Ashley Williams styled with a pair of cowboy straight jeans from Y/Project.

TXT Loser=Lover MV Kpop Fashion - Yeonjun - Look 1

Mohair Devil & Dolphin Vest


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Cowboy-cuff Straight Jeans


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Yeonjun’s Look #2

For his second look, he looks like the rebel with a cause in our teenage novels when he wore this logo-print tank top from GmbH and a pair of crystal-embellished wide-leg jeans from Y/Project.

Arda Logo-print Tank Top


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Wide Leg Jeans


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Soobin’s Look

Our baby leader Soobin looks every inch a romantic boy while wearing an orange and white open-knit jumper from Acne Studios.

TXT Loser=Lover MV Kpop Fashion - Soobin - Look 1

Open-knit Jumper


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  1. Open-knit Jumper

Taehyun’s Look

Surely, Taehyun gave us skater boy flashbacks when he wore this blue strawberry kiwi T-shirt from Awake NY while lying with his skateboard on the road.

TXT Loser=Lover MV Kpop Fashion - Taehyun - Look 1

Blue Strawberry Kiwi T-Shirt


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Beomgyu’s Look

Our little munchkin Beomgyu is channeling his inner emo rockstar with his black star-print long-sleeve T-shirt and a checkerboard sleeveless vest, both from Stefan Cooke. His platform shoes in black from Dr Martens and his bobbed hair all gave us emo flashbacks circa 2009.

TXT Loser=Lover MV Kpop Fashion - Beomgyu - Look 1

Star-print Long-sleeve T-shirt


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Checkerboard Sleeveless Vest


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