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TXT Offers Visual Treat With Edgy Outfits In New Music Video ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’

TXT 0X1 Love Song MV Fashion

Leave it to the members of TXT to always come up with nice concepts for the song’s music videos. In their new MV for ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’, they showcase their strong vocals and visuals to make viewers swoon with their charms.

You can check out the outfits they wore for the music video here:

A Fashion Breakdown On TXT's 0X1 Lovesong MV

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TXT’s ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’ MV Fashion

Yeonjun’s Look #1

Catch Yeonjun in this Ann Demeulemeester graphic-printed top in his outfit.

TXT 0X1 Love Song MV Kpop Fashion - Yeonjun - Look 1

Graphic Print Tank Top


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Yeonjun’s Look #2

Yeonjun also gave a glimpse of this Pink Floyd 1977 tee from Madeworn layered under this C2H4 graphic-print sweatshirt.

Graphic-print Layered Sweatshirt


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Pink Floyd 1977 Tee


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  1. Graphic-print Layered Sweatshirt
  2. Pink Floyd 1977 Tee

Huening Kai’s Look #1

Meanwhile, Huening Kai got this F.U. ripped boy tee from R13 to complete his look.

TXT 0X1 Love Song MV Kpop Fashion - Huening Kai - Look 1

F.U. Ripped Boy Tee


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  1. F.U. Ripped Boy Tee

Huening Kai’s Look #2

For his next look, he rocked a colorful outfit and got this patchwork fleece jacket with matching trousers from Martine Rose layered with the Helmut Lang cotton shirt. He nailed his look with these black UA Sk8-Hi LX sneakers from Vans.

Patchwork Fleece Jacket


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Printed Cotton T-shirt


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Beermat Patchwork Trousers


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Black UA Sk8-Hi LX Sneakers


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  3. Beermat Patchwork Trousers
  4. Black UA Sk8-Hi LX Sneakers

Soobin’s Look #1

Soobin could be seen looking bright and cool with his graffiti print hoodie from Marni.

Graffiti Print Hoodie


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Soobin’s Look #2

He can also be seen with this relaxed-fit printed shirt from Acne Studios to complete his attire.

Relaxed-fit T-shirt


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Beomgyu’s Look

Beomgyu rocked the printed shirt look with his clown artwork shirt from Martine Rose styled with the Nation! print sweatshirt from Namesake. He topped his look with this Charles Jeffrey Loverboy wool-blend beanie.

Contrasting Sleeves Sweatshirt


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Clown Artwork Print T-shirt


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Loverboy Wool-blend Beanie


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Taehyun’s Look

For this outfit, he got this MLB PLAY baseball shirt with a nice 8-bit print!

Play Baseball Shirt


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Whose outfits do you like best?

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