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TXT Shows Fans How To Quarantine In Style In Their New MV ‘We Lost The Summer’

TXT We Lost The Summer MV Fashion

Hot stuff here! TXT just shared their new music video for ‘We Lost The Summer’, a song off their newest album, ‘Minisode1: Blue Hour’. Released on November 13, the MV  features the struggles of missing your friends and loved ones during the pandemic.

But hey! Aside from the sad mood of the song, the boys just made our quarantine much better with a stunning array of dashing winter outfits. So, stay home, and take notes while we break down their most memorable looks.

A Fashion Breakdown On TXT's We Lost The Summer MV

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TXT’s ‘We Lost The Summer’ MV Fashion

Yeonjun’s Look #1

The most beautiful color contrast that’s ever existed is the one between Yeonjun’s pink hair and Fred Perry’s black long sleeve polo shirt. Simply, a masterpiece!

Long Sleeve Twin Tipped Polo Shirt


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Yeonjun’s Look #2

Besides looking good in casual outfits, Yeonjun can easily rock a fancy look, too. In this look, he was an absolute stud in this oversized printed T-shirt from Vetements.

TXT We Lost The Summer MV Kpop Fashion - Yeonjun - Look 2

Oversized Printed T-Shirt


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Yeonjun’s Look #3

We might have lost the summer, but at least we got to see Yeonjun in Marine Serre’s mooned regenerated denim jeans and Y/Project’s rose-embroidered turtleneck jumper. Va-va-voom!

Rose-embroidered Turtleneck Jumper


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Mid Rise Moon Print Jeans


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  1. Rose-embroidered Turtleneck Jumper
  2. Mid Rise Moon Print Jeans

Beomgyu’s Look #1

Beomgyu teaches us how to bundle up without sacrificing style. He nailed a striped-sleeve logo cardigan by Fred Perry with LACOSTE’s blue polo underneath.

Striped-sleeves Logo Cardigan


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Blue L.12.12 Polo


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  2. Blue L.12.12 Polo

Beomgyu’s Look #2

Beomgyu wears a cute, fluffy multicolor sweater from CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY. And we can’t even tell who’s cuter, him or his adorable little pooch!

Multicolor Graphic Sweater


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Beomgyu’s Look #3

We bet you’re still hungry for more of Beomgyu, so check him out in this Raf Simons tour T-shirt and these Old Skool sneakers from Vans.

Tour T-shirt


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Old Skool Sneakers


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Soobin’s Look #1

Soobin makes our hearts flutter in AMIRI’s watercolor-print sweatshirt and tiger-print track pants by Palm Angels.

Watercolor-print Crew-neck Sweatshirt


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Tiger-print Track Pants


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Soobin’s Look #2

Can we call Soobin the matchy-matchy master? Because he perfectly matches up this antisocial slogan-print T-shirt by Vetements with Vans Style 36 checkerboard sneakers in black and white.

Antisocial Slogan-print T-shirt


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Style 36 Checkerboard Sneakers


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Huening Kai’s Look #1

No, you’re not in heaven. It’s just Huening Kai in LANVIN’s logo print T-shirt.

TXT We Lost The Summer MV Kpop Fashion - Huening Kai - Look 1

Logo Print T-shirt


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Huening Kai’s Look #2

Huening Kai can dance all day long in these crafted checkered denim jeans by BALENCIAGA, and we’ll never get bored of it!

Crafted Checkered Cotton Denim Jeans


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Taehyun’s Look #1

And here’s Taehyun reaching the peak of cuteness. How to cop his look? Just layer up this Supreme balloons print T-shirt with this AMI bicolor zipped jacket. Yeah, that’s it.

Bicolor Zipped Jacket


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Balloons Print T-shirt


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Whose outfits do you like best?

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