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NMIXX Stuns Fans With A Big Collection Of Magical Outfits In Their Newly-Released Music Video ‘Dice’

NMIXX Dice MV Fashion

Are you ready for the best magic show ever? Fantastic, because NMIXX has just dropped their latest music video ‘Dice’ that’s full of fascinating fashion choices!

Let’s have a look at the magical outfits our favorite NMIXX girls wore in their latest hit, ‘DICE’

A Fashion Breakdown On NMIXX's Dice MV

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NMIXX’s ‘Dice’ MV Fashion

Sullyoon’s Look #1

The first look on our list is this one of Sullyoon‘s, who looked absolutely stunning in her chic pair of red thigh-high boots from Ellie Shoes.

Thigh High Boots


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  1. Thigh High Boots

Sullyoon’s Look #2

In her second look, Sullyoon looked drop-dead gorgeous when she appeared wearing a fashionable blue cut-out mini dress from Courrèges.

Cut-out Mini Dress


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  1. Cut-out Mini Dress

Sullyoon’s Look #3

Feast your eyes on the beauty of Sullywoon in her hot flame-print mini skirt by VETEMENTS! As a finishing touch, she accessorized with a crystal-embellished curb-chain necklace by SAINT LAURENT.

Flame-print Mini Skirt


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Curb-chain Necklace


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  1. Flame-print Mini Skirt
  2. Curb-chain Necklace

Kyujin’s Look #1

To nail this mind-blowing, all-red look, Kyujin opted for a one-of-a-kind crystal heart necklace from VETEMENTS.

Crystal Heart Necklace


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  1. Crystal Heart Necklace

Kyujin’s Look #2

Want to look as gorgeous as Kyuji did here? Go ahead and get her stunning cut-out halter mini-dress from Valentino!

Cut-Out Halter Minidress


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  1. Cut-Out Halter Minidress

Kyujin’s Look #3

Kyujin donned an absolutely flawless look in the MV, which consisted of a white cotton poplin top and belt from Alexander McQueen, as well as a dazzling clovers crystal choker from Saint Laurent.

NMIXX Dice MV Kpop Fashion - Kyujin - Look 3

Cotton Poplin Top


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Clovers Crystal Choker


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  1. Cotton Poplin Top
  2. Clovers Crystal Choker
  3. Belt

Kyujin’s Look #4

Finally, Kyujin rocked a cool look featuring a black camisole from MARC JACOBS HEAVEN, a pair of black technical lightning socks from VETEMENTS, and a charm-detail chain from Marc Jacobs.

Black Wagon Girl Tied Camisole


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Black Technical Lightning Socks


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Charm-detail Chain


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  1. Black Wagon Girl Tied Camisole
  2. Black Technical Lightning Socks
  3. Charm-detail Chain

Jinni’s Look #1

Jinni’s charm was beyond compare when she wore a  pink holographic top from Batsheva and a unique pair of drop earrings from Saf Safu.

Spring Lucy Top


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Safgalaxy Drop Earrings


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  1. Spring Lucy Top
  2. Safgalaxy Drop Earrings

Jinni’s Look #2

Jinni hands-down slayed her outfit here, which featured a logo print dress from Courrèges, a necklace from MIU MIU, and a pair of golden Tropicana earrings from Mondo Mondo.

NMIXX Dice MV Kpop Fashion - Jinni - Look 2



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Tropicana Earrings


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Logo-print Skirt


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  1. Necklace
  2. Tropicana Earrings
  3. Logo-print Skirt

Haewon’s Look #1

Haewon’s beauty was unreal when she showed up wearing a stylish off-shoulder bandeau top from Alexander McQueen, a leather miniskirt from Versace, a leather belt from BOTTEGA VENETA, and a rainbow glass bead necklace from Dolce & Gabbana.

NMIXX Dice MV Kpop Fashion - Haewon - Look 1

Off-shoulder Bandeau Top


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Button & Safety Pin Miniskirt


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Rainbow Glass Bead Necklace


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Fuchsia Leather Belt


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  1. Off-shoulder Bandeau Top
  2. Button & Safety Pin Miniskirt
  3. Rainbow Glass Bead Necklace
  4. Fuchsia Leather Belt

Haewon’s Look #2

She looked as cute as ever in the black fishes mini-dress from MARC JACOBS HEAVEN, which she paired with these platform mary janes from Widow.

Black Fishes Minidress


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Platform Mary Janes


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  1. Black Fishes Minidress
  2. Platform Mary Janes

Bae’s Look #1

We loved everything about this angelic look of Bae’s, especially her sparkly crystal star-charm chain necklace from Alessandra Rich.

Crystal Star-charm Chain Necklace


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  1. Crystal Star-charm Chain Necklace

Bae’s Look #2

She featured a gorgeous look consisting of a cute bandage-style cropped top from Monse and statement triple heart earrings from SAINT LAURENT.

Bandage-style Cropped Top


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Gold Triple Heart Earrings


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  1. Bandage-style Cropped Top
  2. Gold Triple Heart Earrings

Bae’s Look #3

Bae showed off her cool side by wearing a thunder-print skirt from VETEMENTS.

Thunder-print Skirt


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  1. Thunder-print Skirt

Jiwoos Look #1

As for Jiwoo, her cuteness was at its peak when she donned this dazzling, square-neck mini dress from Batsheva.

Square Neck Mini Prairie Dress


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  1. Square Neck Mini Prairie Dress

Jiwoo’s Look #2

She nailed a gorgeous, all-green look that consisted of a logo-print short-sleeved T-shirt from MSGM, a zip-detail biker skirt from Manokhi, and a triangle buckled belt from Bottega Veneta.

Logo-print Short-sleeved T-shirt


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Zip-detail Biker Skirt


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Triangle Buckled Belt


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  1. Logo-print Short-sleeved T-shirt
  2. Zip-detail Biker Skirt
  3. Triangle Buckled Belt

Lily’s Look #1

Lily added a pop of neon green to her outfit by wearing platform heels from Koi Footwear.

Platform Heels


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  1. Platform Heels

Lily’s Look #2

She looked super-duper cute when she showed up wearing the Bassi Lowrider pants from KENDRA DUPLANTIER and the Maia necklace from Laura Lombardi.

Maia Necklace


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Bassi Lowrider Pant


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  1. Maia Necklace
  2. Bassi Lowrider Pant

Lily’s Look #3

This look of hers has the perfect balance of cool and cute, which featured an adorable black T-shirt from MARC JACOBS HEAVEN, pleated wool miniskirt from VETEMENTS, and logo-print semi-sheer tights, also from VETEMENTS.

Black Fishes T-Shirt


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Pleated Wool Miniskirt


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Logo-print Semi-sheer Tights


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  1. Black Fishes T-Shirt
  2. Pleated Wool Miniskirt
  3. Logo-print Semi-sheer Tights

Whose outfits do you like best?

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