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IVE Has Outdone Themselves In Elegant Fashion For The Ethereal Music Video Of ‘Love Dive’

IVE Love Dive MV Fashion

IVE‘s second single ‘Love Dive’ was just released and it exceeded every expectation one might have had from its powerful debut. From the track’s immediately catchy melody to its ethereal visuals, it is apparent that we would have a hard time getting the song out of our heads. Even more so, when the members were dressed in impeccably elegant fashion.

Therefore, here are the beautiful outfits that were worn by the members of IVE in the single’s accompanying music video.

A Fashion Breakdown On IVE's Love Dive MV

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IVE’s ‘Love Dive’ MV Fashion

Yujin’s Look #1

Yujin‘s all-Balmain outfit composed of a textured tweed tailored jacket worn over a cropped tweed vest and coated wool wrap mini skirt. She wore an arch earpiece clip-on mono earrings from Panconesi and a gold crystal safety pin necklace from Versace. For footwear, she got a stylish pair of Juno platform pumps also from Versace.

IVE Love Dive MV Kpop Fashion - Yujin - Look 1

Textured-tween Tailored Jacket


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Cropped Tweed Vest


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Coated-wool Wrap Mini Skirt


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Juno Platform Pumps


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Gold Crystal Safety Pin Necklace


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Arch Earpiece Clip-on Earring


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  1. Textured-tween Tailored Jacket
  2. Cropped Tweed Vest
  3. Coated-wool Wrap Mini Skirt
  4. Juno Platform Pumps
  5. Gold Crystal Safety Pin Necklace
  6. Arch Earpiece Clip-on Earring

Yujin’s Look #2

For her second look, she wore an elegant mini dress from Kimhekim.

PF21 Emma Mini Dress


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  1. PF21 Emma Mini Dress

Rei’s Look #1

Rei paired Prada’s denim bustier top with ATTICO‘s sequinned high-waist stretch-woven mini skirt.

IVE Love Dive MV Kpop Fashion - Rei - Look 1

Denim Bustier Top


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Sequinned High-waist Mini Skirt


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  1. Denim Bustier Top
  2. Sequinned High-waist Mini Skirt

Rei’s Look #2

Another look of Rei’s was achieved by matching a Courrèges ribbed roll neck jumper with NUE‘s sky blue Charlotte top and Camille skirt.

Charlotte Top


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Sky Blue Camille Skirt


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Ribbed Roll Neck Jumper


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  1. Charlotte Top
  2. Sky Blue Camille Skirt
  3. Ribbed Roll Neck Jumper

Rei’s Look #3

The cable-knit cashmere cropped sweater sported by Rei in this scene is from Miu Miu.

Cable-knit Cropped Sweater


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  1. Cable-knit Cropped Sweater

Wonyoung’s Look #1

In Wonyoung‘s first look, she can be seen in a leopard print off-shoulder bustier from Haleia and sparkly wool socks from Miu Miu. She added Alessandra Rich‘s crystal-embellished choker to tie the whole outfit together.

IVE Love Dive MV Kpop Fashion - Wonyoung - Look 1

Off Shoulder Deep V Bustier


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Crystal-embellished Choker


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Wool Socks


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  1. Off Shoulder Deep V Bustier
  2. Crystal-embellished Choker
  3. Wool Socks

Wonyoung’s Look #2

If you’re wondering where Wonyoung’s cute top came from, it is the logo-embroidered cropped cotton-poplin shirt from Miu Miu.

Cropped Cotton-poplin Shirt


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  1. Cropped Cotton-poplin Shirt

Wonyoung’s Look #3

In a fringe-detail mini dress styled with a rhinestone logo belt both from Blumarine, Wonyoung’s gradient pink outfit is sultry, to say the least.

Fringe-detail Mini Dress


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Rhinestone Logo Belt


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  1. Fringe-detail Mini Dress
  2. Rhinestone Logo Belt

Gaeul’s Look #1

Gaeul got her bouclé tweed mini skirt from Saint Laurent and a white heart tee from With Jéan.

Heart Tee


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Bouclé Tweed Mini Skirt


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  1. Heart Tee
  2. Bouclé Tweed Mini Skirt

Gauel’s Look #2

In another appealing outfit, Gaeul’s feather trim denim dress from Saint Laurent is a style statement in itself. As for footwear, her Angelina silver diamond shoes from Naked Wolfe are just as impressive.

Feather Trim Denim Dress


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Angelina Silver Diamond


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  1. Feather Trim Denim Dress
  2. Angelina Silver Diamond

Leeseo’s Look #1

Leeseo combined a tweed mini dress from Valentino with a La maille Pralù cardigan from Jacquemus to put together a fashionable outfit.

La Maille Pralù Cardigan


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Tweed Mini Dress


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  1. La Maille Pralù Cardigan
  2. Tweed Mini Dress

Leeseo’s Look #2

Her second look features a holographic-tassel skirt from Dolce & Gabbana and off-white tracker sole lace-up boots from SIMONE ROCHA.

Holographic-tassel Skirt


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Tracker Sole Lace Up Boots


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  1. Holographic-tassel Skirt
  2. Tracker Sole Lace Up Boots

Liz’s Look #1

Liz‘s immaculate jewelry was on point as she wore Swarovski’s Millenia necklace and SAFSAFU‘s silver flying heart earring against the backdrop of her outfit.

Millenia Necklace


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Silver Flying Heart Earring


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  1. Millenia Necklace
  2. Silver Flying Heart Earring

Liz’s Look #2

For the MV’s final outfit, Liz pulled off a stunning look in a feather-embellished checked mini skirt from N21.

Checked Mini Skirt


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  1. Checked Mini Skirt

Whose outfits do you like best?

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