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ITZY Send Shockwaves With Their Fashion In Electrifying Music Video For Japanese Single ‘Voltage’

ITZY Voltage MV Fashion

ITZY’s Japanese single album ‘Voltage’ was released on April 6 to much fanfare. The music video for the pre-released lead single that had the members looking absolutely badass has been doing really well since it dropped on March 22.

Here is a look at the stellar fashion sported by the members in their music video for ‘Voltage’.

A Fashion Breakdown On ITZY's Voltage MV

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ITZY’s ‘Voltage’ MV Fashion

Ryujin’s Look #1

Ryujin starts off the video with a memorable outfit, wearing this super stylish Jehtra paneled jacket from Kiko Kostadinov.

ITZY Voltage MV Kpop Fashion - Ryujin - Look 1

Jehtra Panelled Jacket


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  1. Jehtra Panelled Jacket

Ryujin’s Look #2

Next, she goes on to completely rock a blue veteran boiler jumpsuit modified into a cool jacket from Hood By Air.

ITZY Voltage MV Kpop Fashion - Ryujin - Look 2

Veteran Boiler Jumpsuit


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  1. Veteran Boiler Jumpsuit

Ryujin’s Look #3

Talk about making a regular sweatshirt look extra stylish, Ryujin does exactly that with this Cities Arc crew-neck sweatshirt.

Crew-neck Sweatshirt


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  1. Crew-neck Sweatshirt

Lia’s Look #1

Lia’s first ensemble has her in an Eastpak x Aries abstract-print mesh west worn over a white ‘Fashion Is My Profession’ T-shirt from Vetements and Alice tall leather combat boots from Frye for a fly look.

Abstract-print Mesh Vest


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Fashion Is My Profession T-Shirt


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Alice Tall Leather Combat Boots


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  1. Abstract-print Mesh Vest
  2. Fashion Is My Profession T-Shirt
  3. Alice Tall Leather Combat Boots

Lia’s Look #2

Next, she goes for a lithe and powerful look in a Mugler contrast-panel crew-neck T-shirt, pairing it with a 1017 ALYX 9SM classic rollercoaster buckle belt and a pretty pear-trim chain necklace from MISBHV.

Crew-neck T-shirt


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Pearl-trim Chain Necklace


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Classic Rollercoaster Buckle Belt


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  1. Crew-neck T-shirt
  2. Pearl-trim Chain Necklace
  3. Classic Rollercoaster Buckle Belt

Chaeryeong’s Look #1

Chaeryeong looks gorgeous in this striking, uniquely printed corset from Dydoshop.

ITZY Voltage MV Kpop Fashion - Chaeryeong - Look 1



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  1. Eastcoast

Chaeryeong’s Look #2

Here, she oozes confidence in these tie-dye loose-fit trousers that she pairs with a classic Black B-1DR belt from Diesel.

Tie-dye Loose-fit Trousers


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Black B-1DR Belt


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  1. Tie-dye Loose-fit Trousers
  2. Black B-1DR Belt

Chaeryeong’s Look #3

This printed tube top from Dydoshop is quite an eye-catcher and paired with these cream white Adidas X ESPN top ten ‘1979’ sneakers from Adidas, make for another amazing look from Chaeryoung.



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Top Ten '1979'


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  1. Aquarius
  2. Top Ten '1979'

Yuna’s Look #1

Yuna goes all out for her first look, donning a multicolor Marshall upcycled-shell hooded sweatshirt from Ahluwalia over a black logo elastic bra from Alexander Wang, and pairing them with this deal-breaker tactical deconstructed speed racer pants from Namilia.

ITZY Voltage MV Kpop Fashion - Yuna - Look 1

Upcycled-shell Hooded Sweatshirt


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Logo Elastic Bra


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Speed Racer Pants


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  1. Upcycled-shell Hooded Sweatshirt
  2. Logo Elastic Bra
  3. Speed Racer Pants

Yuna’s Look #2

This Flesh + Bone colored long sleeves top from Dydoshop looks perfect on her.

  1. Marina

Yeji’s Look #1

Yeji’s a scene-stealer as she wears a Paco Rabanne slogan print crop T-shirt over a cropped logo bra top from Vetements, accessorizing with a BB logo plaque belt from Balenciaga, while these Marine Serre color block moon gloves and Vetements logo-print lace-up boots complete her incredible look.

ITZY Voltage MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 1

Slogan Print Crop T-shirt


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Cropped Logo Bra Top


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Logo-print Lace-up Boots


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BB Logo Plaque Belt


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Colour Block Moon Gloves


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  1. Slogan Print Crop T-shirt
  2. Cropped Logo Bra Top
  3. Logo-print Lace-up Boots
  4. BB Logo Plaque Belt
  5. Colour Block Moon Gloves

Yeji’s Look #2

Yeji looks sporty here in her next ensemble consisting of a long-sleeve active top from MISBHV paired with Marshall patchwork track pants from Ahluwalia, while these black Adidas sneakers finish off her cool look.

Long-sleeve Active Top


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Marshall Patchwork Track Pants


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Forum Mid Sneakers


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  1. Long-sleeve Active Top
  2. Marshall Patchwork Track Pants
  3. Forum Mid Sneakers

Whose outfits do you like best?

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