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ITZY’s Array Of Spectacular Fashion In Music Video For ‘Blah Blah Blah’ Is A Visual Treat

ITZY Blah Blah Blah MV Fashion

ITZY released their second Japanese single album on September 20 of last year, and the music video for ‘Blah Blah Blah’ is a complete visual extravaganza. The members look bold and confident, sweeping viewers’ hearts with their enigmatic fashion.

Let’s check out their outfits below.

A Fashion Breakdown On ITZY's Blah Blah Blah MV

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ITZY’s ‘Blah Blah Blah’ MV Fashion

Lia’s Look #1

Lia‘s stunner of an outfit is made complete with an attractive crystal-embellished cage corset from Area worn over a monochrome tank top from Romantic Crown.

ITZY Blah Blah Blah MV Kpop Fashion - Lia - Look 1

Crystal-embellished Cage Corset


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Monochrome Tank Top


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  1. Crystal-embellished Cage Corset
  2. Monochrome Tank Top

Lia’s Look #2

Her second look is equally striking, as she dons a 1017 ALYX 9SM graphic T-shirt above a Manokhi leather biker skirt.

Graphic-print T-shirt


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Leather Biker Skirt


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  1. Graphic-print T-shirt
  2. Leather Biker Skirt

Lia’s Look #3

Her next look has her wearing a classy Dolce&Gabbana cropped cotton jersey tank top.

Cropped Tank Top


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  1. Cropped Tank Top

Lia’s Look #4

Lia delivers another superior look in an embellished strapless denim dress from Area.

Embellished Strapless Denim Dress


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  1. Embellished Strapless Denim Dress

Yuna’s Look #1

We can’t take our eyes off these holographic boots from Current Mood in Yuna‘s first look.

Ex Machina Holographic Boots


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  1. Ex Machina Holographic Boots

Yuna’s Look #2

Here, she perfectly pairs a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy × George Allen Loverboy top with a stylish graphic-print halterneck top from Conner Ives.

George Allen Loverboy Top


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Graphic-print Halterneck Top


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  1. George Allen Loverboy Top
  2. Graphic-print Halterneck Top

Yuna’s Look #3

Yuna looks fierce in a graphic logo jogging top from Philipp Plein while the Mary Q mesh legging from Tripp NYC completes her look.

Graphic Logo Jogging Top


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Mary Q Mesh Legging


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  1. Graphic Logo Jogging Top
  2. Mary Q Mesh Legging

Yuna’s Look #4

Her eye-catching ensemble here consists of a fashionable Alchemy x Lia Aram ruffled sleeveless bodysuit which she wears over a pearl and cat tube top from Clut Studio, while a calfskin woven-heart buckle belt from Y/Project elevates her style.

Ruffled Sleeveless Bodysuit


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0 2 Pearl And Cat Tube Top


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Woven-heart Buckle Belt


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  1. Ruffled Sleeveless Bodysuit
  2. 0 2 Pearl And Cat Tube Top
  3. Woven-heart Buckle Belt

Ryujin’s Look #1

Ryujin comes off strong right from her first look, and these legendary traitor boots from Current Mood steal the show.

ITZY Blah Blah Blah MV Kpop Fashion - Ryujin - Look 1

Legendary Traitor Boots


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  1. Legendary Traitor Boots

Ryujin’s Look #2

She delivers a chic look next in a Medusa Music-print long-sleeve top from Versace.

ITZY Blah Blah Blah MV Kpop Fashion - Ryujin - Look 2

Medusa Music-print Top


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  1. Medusa Music-print Top

Ryujin’s Look #3

Her next punk-inspired look has her donning a Clut Studio black mini dress with a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy spiked stud detail beret to top off the look.

0 1 Alex's Brain Mini Dress


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Spiked Stud Detail Beret


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  1. 0 1 Alex's Brain Mini Dress
  2. Spiked Stud Detail Beret

Ryujin’s Look #4

Her next colorful look has Ryujin showing off her charm in a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy x George Allen graphic-print top.

Graphic-print Top


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  1. Graphic-print Top

Yeji’s Look #1

Yeji brings the glamour in a logo-print one-shoulder top from Off-White which she pairs with these shimmering metallic skinny pants from Dolce&Gabbana.

ITZY Blah Blah Blah MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 1

Logo-print One-shoulder Top


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Metallic Skinny Pants


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  1. Logo-print One-shoulder Top
  2. Metallic Skinny Pants

Yeji’s Look #2

She delivers another strong look in a Palm Angels drop-shoulder straight hem hoodie and logo-waistband denim shorts from Alexander Wang.

ITZY Blah Blah Blah MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 2

Drop-Shoulder Hoodie


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Logo-waistband Denim Shorts


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  1. Drop-Shoulder Hoodie
  2. Logo-waistband Denim Shorts

Yeji’s Look #3

Here, she takes her fashion to the next level by donning a black, dusk puff-sleeve minidress from Rotate over which she wears a butterfly lace-trim silk camisole from Alexander Wang. The addition of these midnight glitter lash boots from ROC Boots Australia is absolutely amazing.

ITZY Blah Blah Blah MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 3

Dusk Puff-sleeve Minidress


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Butterfly Lace-trim Silk Camisole


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Midnight Glitter Lash Boots


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  1. Dusk Puff-sleeve Minidress
  2. Butterfly Lace-trim Silk Camisole
  3. Midnight Glitter Lash Boots

Yeji’s Look #4

Yeji’s final outfit is equally badass, as she wears a Supreme hooded MA-1 bomber jacket over a logo-embroidered ribbed bra from Marine Serre, which she pairs with Maison Margiela mid-rise distressed denim shorts.

Hooded MA-1 Bomber Jacket


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Logo-embroidered Ribbed Bra


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Distressed Denim Shorts


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  1. Hooded MA-1 Bomber Jacket
  2. Logo-embroidered Ribbed Bra
  3. Distressed Denim Shorts

Chaeryeong’s Look #1

This logo elastic brief in ribbed jersey from Alexander Wang completes Chaeryeong‘s first outfit.

Logo Elastic Brief


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  1. Logo Elastic Brief

Chaeryeong’s Look #2

Her next outfit is cool and stylish, and she effortlessly rocks a black Y-3 top here.

  1. Top

Chaeryeong’s Look #3

Chaeryeong’s next look is unique and fun, and she exudes energy in an abstract-print T-shirt from The Attico, and these eye-catching rhinestone-embellished cut-out jeans from Y/Project.

Bella Abstract-print T-shirt


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Rhinestone-embellished Jeans


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  1. Bella Abstract-print T-shirt
  2. Rhinestone-embellished Jeans

Whose outfits do you like best?

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