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6 Korean Fashion Trends You Need to Know in Fall/Winter 2019

6 Korean Fashion Trends You Need to Know in Fall/Winter 2019

Keeping up with Korean fashion seems to be the hippest thing to do nowadays. Mainly because Koreans are known to have the best ensembles that some may see as “they don’t match”, but when worn, they definitely do and they’re definitely the trendiest thing out there.

For Korean fashion trends in FW19, it’s all about the texture, prints, and the wide-legged fits. Maybe 2019 is just a throwback of the 90s and other eras? Let’s find out!

6 Korean Fashion Trends You Need to Know in Fall/Winter 2019


The texture is key when it comes to fashion. You can go monochromatic and wear the same colors for your entire outfit—but the texture of the fabric that you’re mixing can create a big impact, just like corduroy.

Corduroy has a history of being one of the world’s most aesthetically divisive fabrics—and we all know why; this fabric looks so pretty! Some would love it better than denim, too.

Knit Vest

We’ve seen our K-idols wear this very comfy knit vest from one event to another and one airport to another. Not only are these knitted vests very fuzzy and warm for the Korea weather, but they also provide a nice textural contrast in your outfit.

It looks amazing on top of any plain tops or dresses. Almost as if you’re creating a brand new look just by wearing this on top of other clothing.


Plaid has been around for ages. It has never lost its shine when it comes to being trendy and even in 2019, we’re still loving this print.

This very nostalgic print now comes in very unique colors and styles—not just flannel shirts. You can never go wrong with plaid, whether it’s a skirt or a dress, its hip!

Vertical Stripes

These small vertical stripes print isn’t just for jammies anymore. It’s now considered a fashion trend that you can wear outside of your bedroom! They look best as oversized polos or shirt-dress types of clothing.

Wide-Legged Denims

This used to be a thing of the past and now it’s back. Skinny jeans are out and wide-legged denim is now back on top of the fashion pyramid. We love how this look is perfect for casual, smart casual, and even office wear.

It’s a very versatile trend that we can wear with high heels or sneakers, and any top that we like. It adds such a powerful vibe and we love that extra oomph from that extra wide fabric.

Black Boots

Wearing black boots isn’t exactly just because we love the grunge look of the ’90s, but because this pair of black boots can be worn with almost anything. They function like the forever trendy white sneaks, but this one adds a little mystery and sophisticated style to our entire outfit.

Trends just come and go. Some trends even return after a few decades of being “unhip”. Always remember that trends are subjective and it’s your creativity and personal style that matters. Fashion can be a way of expressing yourself and it doesn’t always have to be molded by what others deem as trendy and what’s not trendy. You do you!

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