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Kim Young-Dae’s Fashion As Gong Tae-Sung In K-Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episodes 5-8

Shooting Stars Fashion - Kim Young-Dae - Episodes 5-8

‘Shooting Stars’ has crossed the halfway mark and is still going strong with its delightful storyline and amazing acting. Kim Young-Dae shines as top star Gong Tae-Sung and it’s time to explore more of his stylish outfits!

So, here’s a look at Kim Young-Dae’s fashion through episodes 5 to 8 of the series.

Kim Young-Dae's Fashion in Korean Drama Shooting Stars Episodes 5-8

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Kim Young-Dae’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ Episodes 5-8

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Look #1

Young-Dae brings back the cozy, fluffy look he seems to love in this Victo piped fleece sweatshirt from Ader Error.

Victo Piped Fleece Sweatshirt


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Look #2

Next, we see him in gym attire looking amazing in a Versace fit comprising of a colour-block logo track jacket paired with the Greca-detail track pants.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Kim Young-Dae - Episode 5-2

Clour-block Logo Track Jacket


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Greca-detail Track Pants


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Look #3

Simple is best, and this Off-White Arrows sweatshirt looks great on him!

Arrows Sweatshirt


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Look #4

After soft and sporty we get a smart and polished look from Young-Dae, where he paints a dreamy picture in a chameleon jacket and matching pants from Bottega Veneta and classy Bottega Veneta round toe ankle boots.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Kim Young-Dae - Episode 5-4



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Look #5

It’s star mode on yet again, with Young-Dae rocking an interesting tennis logo blazer from Balmain.

Shooting Stars Kdrama Fashion - Kim Young-Dae - Episode 6-1

Tennis Logo Blazer


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Look #6

This oversized all-cashmere double long coat from Instantfunk makes him look effortlessly endearing.

Oversized Double Long Coat


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Look #7

This Lucas striped knitted polo shirt from Isabel Marant is quite a valuable addition to a nice, casual yet fashionable wardrobe.

Striped Knitted Polo Shirt


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Look #8

Here’s another flashy and confident look. We love to see Young-Dae in this slick Bottega Veneta contrast-stitching epaulets shirt jacket.

Contrast-stitching Shirt Jacket


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Look #9

Starting soft but ending it in style, we have Young-Dae winding up our list in a crisp Bottega Veneta felted wool shirt to look his very best.

Felted Wool Shirt


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