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ENHYPEN Hits The Incheon Airport In The Most Fashionable Winter Outfits We’ll See This Year!

ENHYPEN's Outfit at Incheon Airport on November 28, 2022

Ready to welcome the winter season? Because ENHYPEN is more than ready as they showcased five chic winter outfits to keep warm in style! 

Let’s have a closer look at what our handsome boys wore at the Incheon Airport last November 28!

ENHYPEN’s Outfits at Incheon Airport on November 28, 2022

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Don’t let Sunno’s cuteness distract you from his fashionable outfit, which featured a comfy corduroy logo plaque puffer jacket and a re-nylon & leather shoulder bag, both from Prada.

Logo Plaque Puffer Jacket


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Shoulder Bag


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  1. Logo Plaque Puffer Jacket
  2. Shoulder Bag


Jake showcased an enviable, Prada-packed outfit that consisted of a triangle logo buckle-detail shirt, a chic leather backpack, and a pair of monolith leather loafers, all from Prada. Of course, his outfit couldn’t have turned so stylish without this cool Burning Down hoodie from RAF SIMONS!

Logo Buckle-detail Shirt


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Burning Down Hoodie


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Leather Backpack


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Monolith Leather Loafers


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  1. Logo Buckle-detail Shirt
  2. Burning Down Hoodie
  3. Leather Backpack
  4. Monolith Leather Loafers


As for handsome Heeseung, he appeared in an all-black outfit that featured a snap button-up shirt from Prada. 

Snap Button-up Shirt


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  1. Snap Button-up Shirt


We can all agree that Ni-Ki looked super cute in this oversized re-nylon bomber jacket by Prada!

Re-nylon Bomber Jacket


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Finally, Jay showed off his great fashion sense by opting for a fashionable, black re-nylon cropped-down jacket from Prada.

Re-nylon Cropped Down Jacket


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  1. Re-nylon Cropped Down Jacket

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