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Check Out ENHYPEN’s Youthful Outfits In Their New Music Video ‘Drunk-Dazed’

ENHYPEN Drunk-Dazed MV Fashion

ENHYPEN sure knows how to keep fans on their toes! Their latest music video for ‘Drunk Dazed’ showcased the boys’ youthful style. From the music to the set, the vibe it gave off was a mix of chill and play! 

While watching the music video, keep an eye out for the outfits that they wore in each scene!

A Fashion Breakdown On ENHYPEN's Drunk-Dazed MV

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ENHYPEN’s ‘Drunk-Dazed’ MV Fashion

Heeseung’s Look #1

Heesung rocked his outfit including this Bela Lugosi printed shirt from Supreme.

Bela Lugosi T-shirt


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  1. Bela Lugosi T-shirt

Heeseung’s Look #2

For this black-and-white fit, he wore this striped graphic-print jumper and ripped layer jeans both from Raf Simons.

Striped Graphic-print Jumper


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Ripped Layer Jeans


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  1. Striped Graphic-print Jumper
  2. Ripped Layer Jeans

Jay’s Look #1

Jay pulled off this oversized look featuring R13‘s ‘I Sold My Soul’ sweatshirt.

I Sold My Soul Oversized Sweatshirt


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  1. I Sold My Soul Oversized Sweatshirt

Jay’s Look #2

Jay had a play with texture with this knit wool sweater from TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist and a handmade stud rivet rider jacket from AGINGCCC.

Stud Rivet Double Rider Jacket


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Black Wool Aran Sweater


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  1. Stud Rivet Double Rider Jacket
  2. Black Wool Aran Sweater

Jay’s Look #3

For this outfit, he added the Dark Wave printed shirt from TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist to complete his look.

Dark Wave-print T-shirt


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  1. Dark Wave-print T-shirt

Jake’s Look #1

Jake also looked great in his outfit with this logo-print shirt by TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist.

Logo Print T-shirt


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  1. Logo Print T-shirt

Jake’s Look #2

Fans can also spot Jake looking cool in a slogan-print shirt by Ports V.

ENHYPEN Drunk-Dazed MV Kdrama Fashion - Jake - Look 2

Slogan-print T-shirt


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  1. Slogan-print T-shirt

Sunghoon’s Look

This semi-formal fit features Vetement‘s Gothic-logo pinstripe blazer.

Gothic-logo Pinstripe Blazer


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  1. Gothic-logo Pinstripe Blazer

Sunoo’s Look

Meanwhile, Sunoo can be seen looking handsome in the Miami 1992 printed shirt from R13.

Miami 1992 Shirt


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  1. Miami 1992 Shirt

Jungwon’s Look

Jungwon worked with layers in this look that showcases his Madonna shirt from Supreme and a badge embellished jacket from Raf Simons.

Badge Embellished Jacket


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Madonna T-shirt


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  1. Badge Embellished Jacket
  2. Madonna T-shirt

Ni-Ki’s Look #1

Ni-Ki can be seen wearing this moon logo-embroidered shirt from Marine Serre styled with a buckle necklace from 1017 ALYX 95M.

Moon Logo-embroidered T-shirt


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Signature Buckle Necklace


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  1. Moon Logo-embroidered T-shirt
  2. Signature Buckle Necklace

Ni-Ki’s Look #2

He pulled off this chic street style fit with his oversized Anarchy Gothic-logo shirt from Vetements, Tartan flannel shirt from Saint Laurent, and Re-Nylon triangle logo newsboy cap from Prada.

ENHYPEN Drunk-Dazed MV Kdrama Fashion - Ni-Ki - Look 2

Tartan Flannel Shirt


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Anarchy Gothic Logo T-Shirt


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Triangle Logo Newsboy Cap


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  3. Triangle Logo Newsboy Cap

Whose outfits do you like best?

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