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ENHYPEN’s Dazzling Retro Fashion In The Groovy ‘Sweet Venom’ Music Video Is A Must-See

ENHYPEN Sweet Vernom MV Fashion

In continuation of their “blood-themed” releases, ENHYPEN made a grand return on November 17 with their fifth extended play ‘Orange Blood’. The title track ‘Sweet Venom’ is a groovy pop song with hints of Micheal Jackson-inspired danceable rhythms, infectious melodies, and soulful vocals.

In the creative music video, the boys went all out in retro outfits full of sparkle and nostalgia as they danced in synchronized choreography. Here is everything you need to know about ENHYPEN‘s styling in the video.

A Fashion Breakdown On ENHYPEN's Sweet Venom MV

ENHYPEN’s ‘Sweet Venom’ MV Fashion

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Jay’s Look #1

In the dazzling ensemble, Jay‘s white Prada logo-patch short-sleeve T-shirt seamlessly complemented the glimmering jacket.

Logo-patch Short-sleeve T-shirt


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  1. Logo-patch Short-sleeve T-shirt

Jay’s Look #2

Here, he cut a confident figure in a light grey distressed-effect denim shirt paired with gradient-design denim jeans, both from Rick Owens.

Distressed-effect Denim Shirt


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Belt-loop Gradient-design Jeans


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  2. Belt-loop Gradient-design Jeans

Jake’s Look

Jake went with a semi-sheer beige long-sleeve t-shirt from JEAN PAUL GAULTIER and blue snap-off straight-leg jeans from Y/Project for a disco-ready look.

Brown Faux-Fur Jacket


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Beige KNWLS Edition T-Shirt


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Snap-off Straight-leg Jeans


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  1. Brown Faux-Fur Jacket
  2. Beige KNWLS Edition T-Shirt
  3. Snap-off Straight-leg Jeans

Sunoo’s Look

Sunoo‘s toned-down outfit featured a Hurt Lover cotton white t-shirt with cartoon dog graphics from ERL.

Hurt Lover Cotton T-shirt


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Black Crux Racer Cap


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  2. Black Crux Racer Cap

Heesung’s Look

Heesung sported a black and white Everything Special tank top from Celine to go with his fun outfit.

Everything Special Tank Top


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  1. Everything Special Tank Top

Jungwon’s Look

As for Jungwon, he wore a grey wire denim jacket from Y/Project over a black logo print long-sleeved sheer top of the same brand.

Wire Denim Jacket


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Logo Printed Sheer Top


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  2. Logo Printed Sheer Top

Ni-Ki’s Look

Ni-Ki‘s off-white exposed ribbed tank top from A BETTER MISTAKE is an understated fashionable addition to his bold attire.

Double Sided Sherpa Jacket


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Exposed Ribbed Tank Top


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Chap Washed Pants


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  2. Exposed Ribbed Tank Top
  3. Chap Washed Pants

Sunghoon’s Look

Wrapped Denim Jacket


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Black Sacred Heart T-Shirt


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Wide-leg Cotton Jeans


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  2. Black Sacred Heart T-Shirt
  3. Wide-leg Cotton Jeans

Whose outfits do you like best?

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