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BLACKPINK Rosé Showcasing The ‘Scarlet Knight’ Look On Instagram

Blackpink Rose's Outfit on Instagram on October 2, 2020

What would a scarlet knight from the medieval look like in a modern outfit? BLACKPINK Rosé‘s latest Instagram post on October 2nd answered our question. Her look is powerful, sharp yet feminine. It has all the elements you need to complete a successful statement look. 

Rosé’s look started with an elegant silk blouse in checked pattern. Then she styled it with a tailored matching blazer from Saint Laurent. To complete her whole ensemble, she selected Saint Laurent’s Laura knee-high boots and a monogram leather belt to give her look an instant boost. 

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Outfit on Instagram on October 2, 2020

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Blackpink Rose's Outfit on Instagram on October 2, 2020

Check-pattern Double-breasted Blazer


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Checked Silk Mousseline Blouse


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Laura Knee-high Boots


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Monogram Leather Belt


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  1. Check-pattern Double-breasted Blazer
  2. Checked Silk Mousseline Blouse
  3. Laura Knee-high Boots
  4. Monogram Leather Belt

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