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14 Beauty Products Korean Stars Used In September 2021

Beauty Products K-Stars Used - September 2021

The Fall season is just around the corner and we’re all just wandering around our favorite Korean celebrities’ social media pages to look for makeup inspirations.

Here’s what we found this September and we’re here to spill what beauty products they used to achieve such looks!

14 Beauty Products K-Stars Used in September 2021

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Jeon So-Mi’s Makeup on Instagram

Liquid Eyeliner #Black


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Long & Curl Mascara #Black


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  1. Liquid Eyeliner #Black
  2. Long & Curl Mascara #Black

Let’s start off with Jeon Seon-Mi’s irresistibly dolly look which she posted earlier this month via her IG account. Well, she already looks like a doll, to begin with! But for this particular look, we can see the main point of her makeup look being her gorgeously made-up eyes.

To get her lusciously long lashes, she used one of Japan’s best lash mascaras which is the Heroine Make Prime Long & Curl Mascara in the shade #Black. She also outlined her eyes to accentuate its dolly shape by using Heroine Make’s Prime Liquid Eyeliner in the shade #Black as well.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Makeup on Instagram

The Slim Velvet Matte Lipstick #304


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  1. The Slim Velvet Matte Lipstick #304

There’s no doubt that K-beauty enthusiasts are always on watch when it comes to Rosé’s Instagram. We stumbled upon one post of hers wherein she sports a sultry smoky eye makeup look accompanied with the perfect nude matte lipstick.

The lipstick she’s holding in her photo is the YSL Slim Radical Matte Lipstick in the shade #304 Beige Instinct.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon’s Makeup on Instagram

Eyeshadow Palette #Neon Orange


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Duo Color Face Blush #Peach Crush


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Ink Mood Matte Stick #04


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  1. Eyeshadow Palette #Neon Orange
  2. Duo Color Face Blush #Peach Crush
  3. Ink Mood Matte Stick #04

While most Fall/Autumn makeup looks are a bit dark, here’s something that’s a bit more vibrant – perfect makeup inspiration for daytime!

Miyeon played with a couple of tropical hues for her eyes, which can be achieved by using the colors from Huda Beauty’s Neon Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in #Neon Orange!

Then to complete the entire tropical orange look, she went for 3CE’s Duo Color Face Blush in the shade #Peach Crush and Peripera Ink Mood Matte Stick in the shade #04 Don’t Miss Coral.

GFRIEND Yerin’s Makeup on Instagram

Lustreglass Sheer Shine Lipstick


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Velvet Lip Tint #Go Now


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  1. Lustreglass Sheer Shine Lipstick
  2. Velvet Lip Tint #Go Now

Yerin may be looking casual and cozy in her sweater outfit on Instagram but she’s serving us a top-notch makeup look with her winged eyeliner and gorgeous pout! We know you can’t help but ask what lippies she used to achieve such gorgeous full pout!

To get the soft pink color, she went full-on with MAC’s Lustreglass Sheer Shine Lipstick in the shade #Pigment of Your Imagination and topped it off with 3CE’s Velvet Lip Tint in the shade #Go Now.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Makeup on the ‘Lalisa’ Countdown Live

Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour


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  1. Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour

With Lisa’s back-to-back new releases, there’s no doubt that her name is pretty much everywhere on a global scale! With that said, we’re pretty sure everyone’s after her mesmerizing makeup looks in every media promotion she makes.

Let’s start with the look she sported on her ‘Lalisa’ Countdown Live. For this look, she went for a dainty look with soft and muted colors. The star of the look? Her gorgeous mauve lips, which can be achieved with MAC’s Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color in the shade #Elegance is Learned.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Makeup on Instagram

Powder Kiss Eye Shadow #Ripened


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Powder Blush #Melba


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Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour


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  1. Powder Kiss Eye Shadow #Ripened
  2. Powder Blush #Melba
  3. Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour

Another makeup look from Lisa that we couldn’t get enough with is this look she channeled on Instagram. With her, being in her iconic “Bad Girl” mode, she went on the classic Asian Baddie makeup look for this particular post.

The bronzy plum touch on her lids is apparent with MAC Powder Kiss Eyeshadow in #Ripened. To keep the focus on her eyes, she went for a subtle blush color with MAC Powder Blush in #Melba and MAC Powder Kiss Lip Color in the shade #Mull It Over for her nude lips.

Tiffany Young’s Makeup on Instagram

Pro Long Wear Paint Pot


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  1. Pro Long Wear Paint Pot

Tiffany is as elegant as ever in her recent post on Instagram. With her gorgeous brown dress and sophisticated makeup look, she definitely looked like a character straight out of a fairy tale!

For her makeup look, she went for the classic neutrals to match her brown dress. For outdoor shoots, the key is to keep your makeup intact despite heat and humidity! This is where MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot would come in handy. She used the shade #Art Thera-Peachy as a blusher for this look.

IU’s Makeup on Instagram

Rouge de Beauté Lipstick #25


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  1. Rouge de Beauté Lipstick #25

Lastly, we have IU’s makeup look wherein she sports the perfect red lips! As she gets glammed up, we can spot one of her makeup artists holding a gorgeous red lipstick which happens to be the Gucci Rouge de Beaute Brilliant Glow & Care Shine Lipstick in the shade #25 Goldie Red.

Which among these looks are you going to try soon? Not an easy choice, right? Good thing you can always try them all to match every mood and occasion!

Whose makeup looks do you like best?

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