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16 Beauty Products Korean Stars Used In October 2021

Beauty Products K-Stars Used - October 2021

For the month of October, we have curated the best makeup looks we saw from Korean celebrities for us to take inspiration from! From Instagram to Fashion week, we’ve got all these beauty looks covered.

Let’s have a look!

16 Beauty Products K-Stars Used in October 2021

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RED VELVET Joy’s Makeup on Instagram

Rouge Dior Lipstick #772


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  1. Rouge Dior Lipstick #772

Joy, being one of Dior’s muses, sported one of the high fashion brand’s Rouge Dior Lipstick in the shade #772 Classic in one of her posts on Instagram.

The rosy petal hue with a soft matte finish perfectly matches Joy’s simple no-makeup makeup look.

RED VELVET Yeri’s Makeup on Instagram

Le Phyto-blush Powder Blush #4


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Powder Kiss Liquid #More The Mehrier


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  1. Le Phyto-blush Powder Blush #4
  2. Powder Kiss Liquid #More The Mehrier

Yeri is looking sweet and sophisticated in one of her recent IG posts as she channels a vintage poufy bun and a sexy asymmetrical black dress.

To really bring out the classic notes of this look, Yeri went for a minimalist makeup look with her Sisley Phyto Powder Blush in #4 Golden Rose and MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in the shade #More the Mehrier.

Tiffany Young’s Makeup on Instagram

Juicy Lasting Tint #22


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  1. Juicy Lasting Tint #22

Tiffany rocked a sultry look in her recent Instagram post in her all-black outfit ensemble.

To match her sexy and sophisticated outfit, she went for a rockstar makeup look with heavy smoky eyes and peachy pink lips courtesy of Romand’s Juicy Lasting Tint in #22 Pomelo Skin.

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Makeup at Paris Fashion Week

Rouge Dior Lipstick #314


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  1. Rouge Dior Lipstick #314

Along with her sleek straight hair and gorgeous dress, Jisoo‘s makeup look is also very eye-catching! Her look blends perfectly with Paris Fashion Week’s super stylish atmosphere.

Her smoky eyes and lightly blushed cheeks went so well with her peachy nude lips (Rouge Dior Lipstick in #314 Grand Bal).

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Makeup at Paris Fashion Week

Satin Crush Mono Eyeshadow #6


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Couture Blush #5


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Tatouage Couture Velvet Cream #204


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  1. Satin Crush Mono Eyeshadow #6
  2. Couture Blush #5
  3. Tatouage Couture Velvet Cream #204

Rosé rocked an irresistibly sexy look during the Saint Laurent show at Paris Fashion Week and we couldn’t help but adore her very muted yet classy makeup look!

She used a taupe base for her smoky eyes (YSL Satin Crush Mono Eyeshadow #06 Transgressive Taupe), then went on with YSL’s Couture Blush in #Nude Blouse for cheeks. To finish the look, she used YSL Tatouage Couture Velvet Lip Stain in the shade #204 to achieve that gorgeous nude matte lips.

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Makeup at Paris Fashion Week

Sensual Spicy Nude Balm #134


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  1. Sensual Spicy Nude Balm #134

Jennie made headlines during her appearance in the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week and because of that, many of us are surely dying to steal her look!

She rocked her tweed coordinates with a very soft glam look. The main point of her makeup look was her rosy plump lips which was achieved with HERA’s Sensual Spicy Nude Balm in the shade #134 Pink Smokey.

Park Shin-Hye’s Makeup on Instagram

Air Matte Blush #Rush


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  1. Air Matte Blush #Rush

Park Shin-Hye is looking chill and laid-back in her recent post on Instagram where she wore a sporty gray hoodie with her hair all tied up in a classic ponytail.

For a fresh, natural look, she went for the NARS Air Matte Blush in the shade of #Rush to give a subtle touch of color to her cheeks and lips.

Jeon Yeo-Bin’s Makeup at the Busan International Film Festival

Designer Lift foundation


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  1. Designer Lift foundation

Jeon Yeo-Bin has always stood out for her modelesque beauty. And many would agree that her very minimalist looks suit her the best, just like the look she channeled during the Busan International Film Festival.

She wore almost no color on her face but instead went to focus on her flawless skin look using a glowy foundation like Giorgio Armani’s Designer Lift Foundation.

Go Min-Si’s Makeup at the Busan International Film Festival

Kill Cover New Matte Foundation


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  1. Kill Cover New Matte Foundation

This year’s rising star Go Min-Si is definitely setting trends! This makes her fashion and makeup looks one of the most sought-after inspirations.

In the look she sported during the Busan International Festival, we can clearly see how her flawless skin was on point! To achieve such picture-perfect skin, you can try a full coverage foundation like CLIO’s Kill Cover Matte Foundation.

Han So-Hee’s Makeup at the Busan International Film Festival

Instant Eye Palette


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Superstar Lipstick #Walk Of No Shame


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  1. Instant Eye Palette
  2. Superstar Lipstick #Walk Of No Shame

Han So-Hee has constantly been under the spotlight due to her immense popularity these recent years. She totally turned heads when she attended the Busan International Film Festival looking gorgeously elegant.

For her makeup, she went for a mix of neutrals for her eyes using the shades from Charlotte Tilbury’s Smokey Eyes Are Forever palette. To balance the whole look out, she used an MLBB shade for her lips with Charlotte Tilbury’s Superstar Lips Lipstick in the shade #Walk of No Shame.

APINK Naeun’s Makeup at the Jimmy Choo x Eric Haze Pop-Up Event

Mood Recipe Blush #Nude Peach


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Mood Enhancer Liquid Glow #Prime


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Mood Enhancer Liquid Glow #True Moment


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  1. Mood Recipe Blush #Nude Peach
  2. Mood Enhancer Liquid Glow #Prime
  3. Mood Enhancer Liquid Glow #True Moment

Naeun’s minimalist look is something we can see many of us wearing on a daily basis! It’s simple, and very elegant-looking, don’t you agree?

For her eyes and cheeks she went for the trendy clay-like nude shade like 3CE’s Mood Recipe Face Blush in the shade #Nude Peach and for the lips, Hince’s Mood Enchancer Liquid Glow in shades #Prime and #True Moment make a perfect match for the whole minimalistic look.

Whose makeup looks do you like best?

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