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15 Beauty Products Korean Stars Used In December 2021

Beauty Products K-Stars Used - December 2021

2021 just came to an end and we’re all just excited to show you all the gorgeous looks K-stars rocked as the year ends. With holiday events happening back to back, celebrities were sporting their most festive looks yet!

And here are some of the ones we spotted as well as the products they used for you to take inspiration from.

15 Beauty Products K-Stars Used in December 2021

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BLACKPINK Jennie’s Makeup on Instagram

Rouge Holic #300 Seoul Red


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  1. Rouge Holic #300 Seoul Red

Jennie’s lovely pout in her recent Instagram post totally captivated her followers!

Matching her glossy skin and lids, she went for a gorgeous red color with a satin finish. This can be achieved with a few dabs of HERA’s Rouge Holic Lipstick in the shade #300 Seoul Red.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon’s Makeup on Instagram

3CE Eye Switch #Throbbing


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Marshmallow Velvet Tint #3


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  1. 3CE Eye Switch #Throbbing
  2. Marshmallow Velvet Tint #3

For our next star, we have Miyeon from (G)I-DLE looking like a real-life doll with her porcelain skin and soft-colored makeup.

One of the key points of her look is her sparkly eye makeup which features liquid glitter eyeshadow using 3CE’s Eye Switch in the shade #Throbbing.

Also, to add a nice dolly color to her look, she went for a peachy coral lip tint which can be achieved with CORINGCO’s Marshmallow Velvet Tint in shade #3.

Moon Ga-Young’s Makeup at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards

Mood Recipe Blush #Mono Pink


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  1. Mood Recipe Blush #Mono Pink

As expected from Moon Ga-Young, she gorgeously channels her signature sweetheart look in her recent makeup look at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards.

She went for something sweet and simple for her makeup look, with her cheeks looking nicely blushed with 3CE’s Mood Recipe Face Blush in the shade #Mono Pink.

Han So-Hee’s Makeup at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards

Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder


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Luxury Eyeshadow Palette of Pearls


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Cheek To Chic Blush #Ecstasy


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Matte Revolution Lipstick #Pillow Talk


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Limitless Lucky Lips #Red Wishes


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  1. Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder
  2. Luxury Eyeshadow Palette of Pearls
  3. Cheek To Chic Blush #Ecstasy
  4. Matte Revolution Lipstick #Pillow Talk
  5. Limitless Lucky Lips #Red Wishes

Han So-Hee, being one of 2021’s biggest female stars, graced the red carpet with her glorious beauty.

For her makeup look, she went for sultry smokey eyes with a mix of the hues from Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Eyeshadow Palette of Pearls.

To make her look photo-ready and flawless, she also used Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder.

We can also see how her look features a nice combination of colors: for her peachy pink cheeks, which was achieved with Charlotte Tilbury’s Cheek to Chic in the shade #Ecstasy.

Lastly, she went for a mix of the Limitless Lucky Lips in #Red Wishes and the Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade #Pillow Talk for her lips.

GFRIEND Yerin’s Makeup on Instagram

Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour #Haute Pants


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  1. Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour #Haute Pants

If you’re looking for something chic and preppy to take inspiration from, Yerin’s makeup look might be something you’ll really like.

She kept her entire look soft as it features neutral and fresh colors, only with her lips being the center of attraction. To achieve such lip color, you can go for MAC’s Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color in the shade #Haute Pants.

Sooyoung’s Makeup at the 2021 MNET Asian Music Awards

Love Flush Blush #California Love


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  1. Love Flush Blush #California Love

We are stunned with Sooyoung’s femme fatale look at the 2021 MAMA because apart from her sexy red outfit, she also went for a classic nude makeup look that perfectly fits her ensemble.

To give her a nicely contoured look, she went for a clay-colored cheek blush with the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in the shade #California Love.

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Makeup on Instagram

Rouge Dior Lipstick #999


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  1. Rouge Dior Lipstick #999

Jisoo perfectly rocked her mesmerizing trued red lipstick that truly stood out in her recent Instagram post!  

For this lip color, she used the Rouge Dior Lipstick in the shade #999 Velvet Red.

Hyeri’s Makeup at the Press Conference of ‘Moonshine’

Le Phyto-blush Powder Blush


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Real Cheek Up #Bubbly Pink


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Couture Lip Fluid Velvet #Serenade


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  1. Le Phyto-blush Powder Blush
  2. Real Cheek Up #Bubbly Pink
  3. Couture Lip Fluid Velvet #Serenade

Hyeri is looking lovely in her recent appearance at the ‘Moonshine’ press conference in her vintage little black dress and classic-looking makeup.

To achieve her youthful pinkish cheeks, you may need to mix Sisley’s Le-Phyto blush in the shade #Pink Peony with Espoir’s Real Cheek Up in the shade #Bubbly.

Now for her classy MLBB lips, she went for Espoir’s Couture Lip Fluid Velvet in the shade #Serenade.

Which of these looks are you eyeing to try this 2022?

Whose makeup looks do you like best?

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