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TXT Departed For Japan In Perfectly Styled Outfits

TXT's Outfits at Incheon Airport on November 28, 2022

It is the awards season and TXT just departed for the 2022 MAMA Awards from the Incheon Airport. As the boys made their way to Japan, we couldn’t help but notice the immaculate outfits chosen for the day.

Keep reading to find out the details.

TXT’s Outfits at Incheon Airport on November 28, 2022

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Taehyun was styled in WOOYOUNGMI‘s logo-embroidered cotton hoodie and beige logo ball cap. He also carried a black leather crossbody messenger bag from the same brand to tie the whole outfit together.

Logo-embroidered Cotton Hoodie


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Beige Logo Ball Cap


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Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag


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  1. Logo-embroidered Cotton Hoodie
  2. Beige Logo Ball Cap
  3. Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag


Beomgyu‘s dapper look features an all-WOOYOUNGMI ensemble consisting of a navy cotton shirt, a violet leather oversized jacket, beige straight trousers, and a black mini trunk messenger bag.

Violet Leather Oversized Jacket


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Navy Cotton Shirt


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Beige Straight Trousers


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Mini Trunk Messenger Bag


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  1. Violet Leather Oversized Jacket
  2. Navy Cotton Shirt
  3. Beige Straight Trousers
  4. Mini Trunk Messenger Bag


Soobin sported a suede leather varsity jacket from BERLUTI.

Suede Leather Varsity Jacket


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  1. Suede Leather Varsity Jacket


Finally, we have Yeonjun in Burberry‘s vintage check button-front shirt and check-pattern track pants while carrying a black medium bag. He chose EYTYS‘ black halo sneakers for footwear.

Check Button-front Shirt


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Check-pattern Track Pants


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Black Medium Lola Bag


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Black Halo Sneakers


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  1. Check Button-front Shirt
  2. Check-pattern Track Pants
  3. Black Medium Lola Bag
  4. Black Halo Sneakers

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