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Park Bo-Young’s Fashion As Tak Dong-Kyung In K-Drama ‘Doom At Your Service’ Episodes 5-8

Doom At Your Service Fashion - Park Bo-Young - Episodes 5-8

Here we go again, with the ADORABLE lead actress from  ‘Doom At Your Service’: Park Bo-Young! As we have in the past, we’re continuing to cover her stylish outfits featured in the series.

So let’s jump right into it!

Park Bo-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Doom At Your Service Episodes 5-8

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Park Bo-Young’s Fashion in Episodes 5-8 of K-drama ‘Doom At Your Service’

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Look #1

Being an absolute cutie is what we expect from  Bo-Young, and she definitely didn’t disappoint us with her cozy Our Llama sweater by H8!

Doom At Your Service Kdrama Fashion - Park Bo-Young - Episode 5-1

Our LLama Sweater


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  1. Our LLama Sweater

Look #2

To look extra stylish in colder months, layer up Bo-Young’s flower jacquard knit vest by MUDIDI with her pink coat by TILLIDIE.

Handmade Wool Vivid Coat


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Flower Jacquard Knit Vest


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  1. Handmade Wool Vivid Coat
  2. Flower Jacquard Knit Vest

Look #3

In this scene, Bo-Young was seen in a fashionable wool jacket from EN OR.

Wool Double Jacket


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  1. Wool Double Jacket

Look #4

She easily pulled off casual chic when she donned TILLIDIE’s stitched collar coat and combined it with ROH SEOUL’s black Juty medium shoulder bag. 

Stitched Collar Half Coat


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Juty Medium Shoulder Bag


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  1. Stitched Collar Half Coat
  2. Juty Medium Shoulder Bag

Look #5

We’re in love with Bo-Young’s beauty, and this combination of the single-collar wool jacket by KENNETH LADY and the triple unbalance silver earrings by Roaju really brings it out.

Single Collar Double Wool Jacket


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Triple Unbalance Earring


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  1. Single Collar Double Wool Jacket
  2. Triple Unbalance Earring

Look #6

You should definitely copy this lovely look of hers! It featured a cute high-neck coat from LINE STUDIO ONE and a medium shoulder bag from ROH SEOUL

High-Neck Handmade Coat


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Around W Medium Bag


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  1. High-Neck Handmade Coat
  2. Around W Medium Bag

Look #7

In episode 7, we spotted Bo-Young holding a chic D-Wize shoulder bag from HOZE.

Doom At Your Service Kdrama Fashion - Park Bo-Young - Episode 7-2

D-wise Shoulder Bag


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  1. D-wise Shoulder Bag

Look #8

To add an extra touch of girliness to her outfit, Bo-Young opted for KENNETH LADY’s unbalanced pleated midi skirt. 

Unbalanced Pleated Midi Skirt


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  1. Unbalanced Pleated Midi Skirt

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