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Park Bo-Young’s Fashion As Tak Dong-Kyung In K-Drama ‘Doom At Your Service’ Episodes 1-4

Doom At Your Service Fashion - Park Bo-Young - Episodes 1-4

Romance, thrilling fantasy, and fantastic fashion, this is all we’ve been seeing so far from K-drama ‘Doom At Your Service’. And we’re all about the fashion picks of the cute female lead, Park Bo-Young

So grab a seat and keep reading to see some of her prettiest looks showcased in episodes 1 to 4! 

Park Bo-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Doom At Your Service Episodes 1-4

Park Bo-Young’s Fashion in Episodes 1-4 of K-drama ‘Doom At Your Service’

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Look #1

Cuteness overload! In the first episode, Bo-Young appeared in a cute cable knit from ahwe and a check pleated skirt from LINE. She finished off her gorgeous look with the Joy Shopper bag from MARGESHERWOOD

Maty Cable Knit


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Float Check Pleated Skirt


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Joy Shopper Bag


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  1. Maty Cable Knit
  2. Float Check Pleated Skirt
  3. Joy Shopper Bag

Look #2

Her cute outfit needed nothing extra, but it wouldn’t have looked as fabulous without FILLINTHEBLANK’s Yoko bucket bag!

Yoko Bucket Bag


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  1. Yoko Bucket Bag

Look #3

Bo-Young looks her prettiest in the simplest clothes, just like this sweatshirt from WNDERKAMMER.

Angel Logo Sweat shirts


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Look #4

Apparently, Bo-Young will NEVER stop being so cute! For this look, she used a stylish knit top by YOUR NAME HERE.

Knit With Double Shawl Layer


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  1. Knit With Double Shawl Layer

Look #5

She put the cherry on top of her head-to-toe black look with ROH SEOUL’s black flap medium shoulder bag.

Doom At Your Service Kdrama Fashion - Park Bo-Young - Episode 3-3

Flap Medium Shoulder Bag


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  1. Flap Medium Shoulder Bag

Look #6

If you’re into oversized fashion, this V-neck knit by emm is a must-have! 

Line Point V-neck Knit


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  1. Line Point V-neck Knit

Look #7

She looked super adorable in this ROCCI ROCCI cropped zip-up hoodie, especially when she put the hood up!

Cropped Zipup Hoodie


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  1. Cropped Zipup Hoodie

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