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6 New Korean Dramas To Add To Your Watch List In September 2020

Here are 7 new Korean Dramas to add to your watch list this coming September.

New K-dramas - September 2020

We are halfway through 2020 and it’s been quite a journey already! Thank goodness, there always is a great set of K-dramas to keep us company during the quarantine. Some of the dramas we previously included in our August list are still currently airing but here we are again with another K-drama list for September to keep your anticipations high.

Here are 6 new Korean Dramas to add to your watch list this coming September.


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Lies of Lies (Lee Yoo-Ri, Yeon Jung-Hoon)

  • Release Date: September 4, 2020
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday, 22:50
  • Network: Channel A
  • Cast: Lee Yoo-Ri, Yeon Jung-Hoon
Lies of Lies (Lee Yoo-Ri, Yeon Jung-Hoon)

If you are looking for something heavy and intense, ‘Lies of Lies’ should land in your watch list.

Starring Lee Yoo-Ri and Yeon Jung-Hoon, the plot of this drama tells the story of Lee Eun-Soo (Lee Yoo-Ri), the wife of a very rich conglomerate heir. In a dark turn of events, she is accused and sentenced for her husband’s murder and served time in prison. Upon her release, she begins her search for her daughter and tries to seduce the man who adopted her daughter.

You can watch ‘Lies of Lies’ every Friday and Saturday night on Channel A network.


18 Again (Kim Ha-Neul, Yoon Sang-Hyun)

  • Release Date: September 7, 2020
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55
  • Network: JTBC
  • Cast: Kim Ha-Neul, Yoon Sang-Hyun
18 Again (Kim Ha-Neul, Yoon Sang-Hyun)

If the title sounds familiar to you, then it is because it’s an adaptation of the popular American film ‘17 Again’.

Starring Kim Ha-Neul and Yoon Sang-Hyun, the story dives into Hong Dae-Young’s (Yoon Sang-Hyun) crumbling marriage with Jung Da-Jung’s (Kim Ha-Neul). As the couple nears settling for a divorce, Dae-Young suddenly found himself back into his 18-year-old body! This drama is sure to bring loads of laughter and fans are definitely excited about this!

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Record of Youth (Park Bo-Gum, Park So-Dam, Byeon Woo-Seok)

  • Release Date: September 7, 2020
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00
  • Network: tvN, Netflix
  • Cast: Park Bo-Gum, Park So-Dam, Byeon Woo-Seok
Record of Youth (Park Bo-Gum, Park So-Dam, Byeon Woo-Seok)

The upcoming K-drama ‘Record of Youth’ is sure to become a visual feast as actors Park Bo-Gum, Park So-Dam, and Byeon Woo-Seok play very exciting characters in the modeling world!

The plot revolves around three people working in the modeling industry. Sa Hye-Joon (Park Bo-Gum) is a thriving model but despite his popularity, he still hopes to pursue his real dream of being an actor. He then meets makeup artist Ahn Jung-Ha (Park So-Dam) and their blossoming relationship begins.

‘Record of Youth’ will air on tvN every Monday and Tuesday in the slot previously taken by ‘My Unfamiliar Family’.

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More Than Friends (Ong Seong-Wu, Shin Ye-Eun)

  • Release Date: September 18, 2020
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday 23:00
  • Network: JTBC
  • Cast: Ong Seong-Wu, Shin Ye-Eun
More Than Friends (Ong Seong-Wu, Shin Ye-Eun)

We have a strong feeling that this is going to be another rom-com drama that would make us all so giddy! Taking “friendzone” to another level, the plot revolves around Lee Soo (Ong Seong-Wu) and Kyung Woo-Yeon (Shin Ye-Eun) who both hid their true feelings for each other for over a decade. As both characters deal with their feelings and emotions, something bigger than their friendship is bound to happen.

More Than Friends’ will air on JTBC every Friday and Saturday, taking the slot of ‘Graceful Friends’.


Homemade Love Story (Lee Jang-Woo, Jin Ki-Joo)

  • Release Date: September 19, 2020
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55
  • Network: KBS2
  • Cast: Lee Jang-Woo, Jin Ki-Joo
Love Blooming House (Lee Jang-Woo, Jin Ki-Joo)

After Lee Jang-Woo’s thrilling drama ‘Graceful Family’ last year, he is back again in a romantic K-drama together with Jin Ki-Joo in ‘Homemade Love Story’. The story delves into the lives of two people who live in Samgwang Villa.

Woo Jae-Hee (Lee Jang-Woo) came from a wealthy family but due to his choice of taking a different path, he lived independently and eventually became an architect. He then meets Lee Bit Chae Woon (Jin Ki-Joo), an interior design shop employee who also acts as the breadwinner of her family.

‘Homemade Love Story’ will air on KBS2 every Saturday and Sunday, taking the slot of ‘Once Again’.


The School Nurse Files (Jung Yu-Mi, Nam Joo-Hyuk)

  • Release Date: September 25, 2020
  • Runtime: 
  • Network: Netflix
  • Cast: Jung Yu-Mi, Nam Joo-Hyuk
The School Nurse Files (Jung Yu-Mi, Nam Joo-Hyuk)

This fantasy rom-com drama is absolutely worth anticipating for its unique plot. The story is about a school nurse, Ahn Eun-Young (Jung Yu-Mi), who has the ability to see jelly-like ghosts. She then eventually discovers an unusual mystery in the school where she works. In the same school, Hong In-Pyo (Nam Joo-Hyuk) also works as a Chinese teacher. He then chose to work with Eun-Young together to get rid of the ghosts.

The School Nurse Files’ can be streamed on Netflix on September 25.


Pretty exciting, huh? We are all so thrilled about these new dramas to come this September! Which one are you going to watch first?

Which K-Drama are you most excited about?

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    • ‘Record Of Youth’ is premiered exclusively on Netflix outside of Korea. New episodes are released every week at the same time as in Korea.
      ‘The School Nurse Files’ is a Netflix’ original series and will be available later this month.
      I believe the other shows will be available on Viki as well 🙂