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NewJeans Made A Landmark Comeback With Youthful Fashion Concept In Their 'Ditto' Music Video

NewJeans Ditto MV Fashion

Headed toward the release of their single album ‘OMG’, NewJeans made their first comeback on 19th December by dropping the chart-topping pre-release track ‘Ditto’

The girl group starred in the two-part music video which is worth watching for its dramatic cinematography and eerie ambiance. Not to mention, the fashion showcased is a mix of preppy school uniforms and youthful energy. Check out the details below.

A Fashion Breakdown On NewJeans' Ditto MV

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NewJeans’ ‘Ditto’ MV Fashion

Hanni’s Look #1

In the first look, Hanni wore a pair of classic black leather derby shoes from AMOMENTO to complete the school outfit for the music video.

Hanni’s Look #2

Next up, Hanni’s Samba vegan Adidas shoes contrast well with her all-white gym uniform.

Hanni’s Look #3

Here, she combined a pink double devil cropped hoodie from MARC JACOBS HEAVEN with gray painter trousers from BAPE and the VANS VAULT x Bianca Chandon sneakers for a modishly casual look.

Pink Double Devil Hoodie


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Gray Painter Trousers


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  2. Gray Painter Trousers
  3. SK8-HI Reissue VLT LX

Danielle’s Look #1

Coordinating her school outfit with the rest of the girls, Danielle also sported the black leather derby shoes from AMOMENTO.

Danielle’s Look #2

Danielle’s logo-print low-top sneakers by Comme Des Garçons x Salomon are a great pick of athletic shoes meant for her tracksuit.

Logo-print Low-top Sneakers


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  1. Logo-print Low-top Sneakers

Danielle’s Look #3

She achieved a cute look by wearing a fluffy red and green swirl hoodie from ERL and a green precious beanie from KNWLS.

Red & Green Swirl Hoodie


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Green Precious Beanie


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  1. Red & Green Swirl Hoodie
  2. Green Precious Beanie

Hyein’s Look #1

In Hyein‘s case, she wore dark brown square penny loafers from HARUTA to complete her uniform.

Hyein’s Look #2

She then chose these core black superstar shoes by Adidas to go with her chic tracksuit.

Hyein’s Look #3

In this frame, Hyein styled this adorable tiger top from CFIERCE with Purple Stain‘s spray logo denim pants.

Tiger Top


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Spray Logo Denim Pants


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  1. Tiger Top
  2. Spray Logo Denim Pants

Haerin’s Look #1

Haerin also wore HARUTA’s brown vintage penny loafers for a similar first look.

Vintage Penny Loafer


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  1. Vintage Penny Loafer

Haerin’s Look #2

Here, she had on a pair of terrific-looking black Salomon edition sneakers from COMME DES GARÇONS.

Haerin’s Look #3

Haerin’s comfy outfit comprises an embroidered-logo striped sweatshirt from Needles, a red and white beanie from Supreme x WTAPS, and beige beaded suede boots from VISVIM.

Embroidered-logo Striped Sweatshirt


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Beaded Suede Boots


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  2. Beanie
  3. Beaded Suede Boots

Minji’s Look #1

Minji decided to go for black square penny loafers, also from HARUTA, for this look.

Square Penny Loafer HS-4900


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  1. Square Penny Loafer HS-4900

Minji’s Look #2

These cloud-white superstar shoes from Adidas complement her gym wear.

Minji’s Look #3

In the final look, Minji wore a multi-green cropped cable knit cardigan with acid green cargo jogger vintage pants, both from Sculptor. She finished the outfit by wearing a split logo earflap beanie from Supreme.

Underboob Cable Knit Cardigan


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Cargo Jogger Vintage Pants


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Split Logo Earflap Beanie


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  1. Underboob Cable Knit Cardigan
  2. Cargo Jogger Vintage Pants
  3. Split Logo Earflap Beanie

Whose outfits do you like best?

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