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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion As Im Ju-Gyeong In K-Drama ‘True Beauty’ Episodes 13-14

True Beauty Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episodes 13-14

As Moon Ga-Young from ‘True Beauty’ gets more beautiful with each episode, we couldn’t help but show you her well-picked outfits in the whole smash-hit series. 

Keen to see what this cutie donned in episodes 13-14? Alright, then keep on reading!

Moon Ga-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama True Beauty Episodes 13-14

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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion in Episodes 13-14 of K-drama ‘True Beauty’

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Look #1

Ga-Young perfected the sporty style when she paired a gray hoodie by OFFICINE GÉNÉRALE with a pair of Air Jordan 1 High Retro sneakers.

Grey Olivier Hoodie


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Air Jordan 1 High Retro Sneakers


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  1. Grey Olivier Hoodie
  2. Air Jordan 1 High Retro Sneakers

Look #2

We had to stop and watch her match her loose fit jumper from SJYP and straight fit pants from PANDORA.FIT. Pretty, as usual, Ga-Young!

Loose Fit Basic Down Jumper


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Straight Fit Pants


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  1. Loose Fit Basic Down Jumper
  2. Straight Fit Pants

Look #3

Ga-Young may have maintained the nerdy look at school, but she was just as stylish! She topped off her uniform with STUDIO TOMBOY’s hoodie coat and GO-CCE’s white loafers. 

Toggle Button Hoodie Coat


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  1. Toggle Button Hoodie Coat
  2. Loafers

Look #4

She was more than ready in her casual chic outfit, which consists of MUSEE’s faux shearing long coat, AND YOU’s knit top underneath, and ROGER VIVIER’s boots.

Faux Shearing Long Coat


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Central Park Round Knit


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Viv Ranger Chelsea Boots


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  1. Faux Shearing Long Coat
  2. Central Park Round Knit
  3. Viv Ranger Chelsea Boots

Look #5

In episode 14, Ga-Young was as cute as humanly possible in this pink oversized padding jacket from KIRSH

Oversized Down Padding JA


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  1. Oversized Down Padding JA

Look #6

This time, the off-duty Ga-Young slipped into a Champion hoodie.

Vintage Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt


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  1. Vintage Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt

Look #7

There’s no doubt Ga-Young is a sweatshirt fanatic. She brings us another cute and comfy sweatshirt from TheOpen Product.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 14-5

Pet Club Sweatshirt


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  1. Pet Club Sweatshirt

Look #8

Here are the ingredients for a perfect outfit in Ga-Young’s book: a cashmere coat from On&On, a Clare Luxe crossbody bag paired with the Leah acrylic strap, both from JOY GRYSON.

Cashmere Handmade Coat


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Clare Luxe Crossbody Bag


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Leah Acrylic Strap


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  1. Cashmere Handmade Coat
  2. Clare Luxe Crossbody Bag
  3. Leah Acrylic Strap

Look #9

Even if it’s freezing cold, Ga-Young’s got your back with her warm ombré-effect jumper by Isabel Marant Étoile and hooded coat by Si.

Reversible Hooded Coat


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Drussell Ombré-effect Jumper


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  1. Reversible Hooded Coat
  2. Drussell Ombré-effect Jumper

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