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Lee Ji-Ah’s Fashion As Shim Soo-Ryeon In K-Drama ‘Penthouse’ Episodes 1-4

Penthouse Fashion - Lee Ji-Ah - Episodes 1-4

Lee Ji-Ah stars in a new K-drama called ‘Penthouse‘. As the title suggests, the drama follows the story of people living in a luxury apartment with 100 floors. She plays the role of Shim Soo-Ryeon, a lady who was born rich and is considered the “queen” of their penthouse. Given this characteristic, you can count on Ji-Ah to be decked in luxury and impeccable clothing.

Here are her best looks from the first four episodes!

Lee Ji-Ah's Fashion in Korean Drama Penthouse Episodes 1-4

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Lee Ji-Ah’s Fashion in Episodes 1-4 of K-drama ‘Penthouse’

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Look #1

This outfit features a matching Max Mara Parole shirt and a high-rise skirt styled with a pair of the Optisling 100 glittered sandals from Christian Louboutin.  She matched the outfit with more shine by wearing these Serene set necklaces and earrings from J.estina.

Parole Cotton-jersey T-shirt


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High-rise Silk-satin Skirt


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Serena Earring


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Serena Necklace


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Serena Necklace


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Optisling 100 Flittered-strap Sandals


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  1. Parole Cotton-jersey T-shirt
  2. High-rise Silk-satin Skirt
  3. Serena Earring
  4. Serena Necklace
  5. Serena Necklace
  6. Optisling 100 Flittered-strap Sandals

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Look #2

In this scene, she added the Iside mini tote bag from Valextra to her outfit.

Iside Mini Textured-leather Tote


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  1. Iside Mini Textured-leather Tote

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Look #3

For this look, she wore a Red Valentino belted jumper under the cashmere flare coat from Avouavou. She nailed the look by carrying this Valentino Garavani VSLING bag.

Penthouse Kdrama Fashion - Lee Ji-Ah - Episode 2-1

Cashmere Blend Belted Flare Coat
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Belted Jumper


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Vsling Small Shoulder Bag


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  1. Cashmere Blend Belted Flare Coat
  2. Belted Jumper
  3. Vsling Small Shoulder Bag

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Look #3

This outfit is topped with an asymmetric open-front coat from Ports 1961.

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Asymmetric Open-front Coat


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  1. Asymmetric Open-front Coat


Look #4

To cop this look, pair this Max Mara Olona checked blazer with the Cinese skirt. All hint of gold with this pair of link earrings from Tiffany & Co. and this belted Bayswater satchel from Mulberry.

Olona Checked Wool Blazer


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Cinese Skirt


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Belted Bayswater Satchel


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Link Earrings


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  1. Olona Checked Wool Blazer
  2. Cinese Skirt
  3. Belted Bayswater Satchel
  4. Link Earrings

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Look #5

For a cute touch to her look, she got this small puzzle bag from Loewe to complete the outfit.

Small Puzzle Bag


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  1. Small Puzzle Bag

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Look #6

Her attire screams shimmer and shine thanks to the Venus feather-trim clutch and Odette crystal-embellished pumps from Jimmy Choo plus her two necklaces and earrings from the rose gold Silhouette collection by Stone Henge.



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Odette Crystal-embellished Pumps


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Venus Feather-trim Clutch


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  1. B0003
  2. T1612
  3. T1608
  4. Odette Crystal-embellished Pumps
  5. Venus Feather-trim Clutch

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