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XG Pulled Off Awe-Inspiring Unconventional Outfits In Their Vibrant Music Video For 'Shooting Star'

XG Shooting Star MV Fashion

The South Korean-based Japanese girl group XG has come out with another banger. Their English-language single ‘Shooting Star’ is an uplifting track with infectious beats. It is accompanied by an even more vibrant music video that presents the unconventional fashion of the girls in full glory.

Check out the outfit details of the music video below!

A Fashion Breakdown On XG's Shooting Star MV

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XG’s ‘Shooting Star’ MV Fashion

Harvey’s Look #1

For a grunge-inspired look, we have Harvey in a chuck brand-print stretch-cotton corset, a multicolor motion long-sleeve T-shirt, and a Binx skirt, all from MIAOU.

Chuck Brand-print Corset


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Multicolor Motion T-shirt


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Binx Skirt


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  1. Chuck Brand-print Corset
  2. Multicolor Motion T-shirt
  3. Binx Skirt

Harvey’s Look #2

She then changed into a camouflage print top and ribbed knit logo patch beanie, both from Diesel. The color-block scarf from Liberal Youth Ministry is a nice final touch to the outfit.

Camouflage-print Zipped Sweater


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Intarsia-knit Colour-block Scarf


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  1. Camouflage-print Zipped Sweater
  2. Intarsia-knit Colour-block Scarf

Harvey’s Look #3

The combination of Miu Miu‘s star motif puffer jacket and side lace-up leather shorts is a pretty look on Harvey. It was made complete with black and red platform sneakers from VETEMENTS.

XG Shooting Star MV Kpop Fashion - Harvey - Look 3

Star Motif Puffer Jacket


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Side Lace-up Leather Shorts


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Platform Sneakers


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  1. Star Motif Puffer Jacket
  2. Side Lace-up Leather Shorts
  3. Platform Sneakers

Harvey’s Look #4

Here, Harvey paired a beige blade bodysuit and khaki down jacket, both from ENTIRE STUDIOS, with black slip-on rubber boots from Ambush.

Khaki PFD V2 Down Jacket


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Beige Blade Bodysuit


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Slip-On Rubber Boots


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  1. Khaki PFD V2 Down Jacket
  2. Beige Blade Bodysuit
  3. Slip-On Rubber Boots

Jurin’s Look #1

Jurin‘s hip outfit features a faux fur black bomber jacket from I Am Gia and a faux leather belt from MIAOU.

Azula Jacket


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Black Vita Belt


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  1. Azula Jacket
  2. Black Vita Belt

Jurin’s Look #2

In another stylish look from Jurin, these Hi-Speed wide-leg trousers from VETEMENTS stood out.

Hi-speed Wide-leg Trousers


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  1. Hi-speed Wide-leg Trousers

Jurin’s Look #3

Jurin pulled off a cute look in a logo-embroidered zipped hoodie from AAPE BY A BATHING APE worn over a black graphic print one-piece swimsuit from SANDY LIANG. She wore a silver multi-charm necklace from CHOPOVA LOWENA to go with the overall look.

Logo-embroidered Zipped Hoodie


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Black Connie One-piece Swimsuit


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Silver Multi Charm Necklace


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  1. Logo-embroidered Zipped Hoodie
  2. Black Connie One-piece Swimsuit
  3. Silver Multi Charm Necklace

Jurin’s Look #4

In this scene, she wore a black training cropped bra top from Nike and star-patch paneled gloves from Miu Miu.

Cropped Bra Top


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Star-patch Panelled Gloves


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  1. Cropped Bra Top
  2. Star-patch Panelled Gloves

Cocona’s Look #1

Cocona‘s blade stretch cotton jersey bodysuit from Entire Studios styled with denim cargo pants from BLUMARINE is a whole mood.

XG Shooting Star MV Kpop Fashion - Cocona - Look 1

Stretch Cotton Jersey Bodysuit


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Denim Cargo Pants


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  1. Stretch Cotton Jersey Bodysuit
  2. Denim Cargo Pants

Cocona’s Look #2

Her next outfit consists of captivating red boots by Moon Boot x Highsnobiety, matching red twisted sunglasses, and fuchsia pink paint-dipped detail earrings, both of which are from OTTOLINGER.

Red Twisted Sunglasses


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Paint-dipped Detail Earrings


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Icon Boots


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  1. Red Twisted Sunglasses
  2. Paint-dipped Detail Earrings
  3. Icon Boots

Cocona’s Look #3

For this memorable look, Cocona wore a purple precious beanie from KNWLS and faux leather silver knee-high boots by Ancuta Sarca x Nike.

Purple Precious Beanie


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Bullet Knee-high Boots


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  1. Purple Precious Beanie
  2. Bullet Knee-high Boots

Chisa’s Look #1

Chisa looked adorable in a Hello Kitty T-shirt from GCDS and an exclusive pink sport skirt from COLLINA STRADA. She elevated the outfit to another level with lavender tulle socks from Lirika Matoshi, high-top snow boots from Moon Boot x 10 Corso Como.



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Pink Sport Skirt


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Tulle Socks


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Icon High-top Snow Boots


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  1. T-shirts
  2. Pink Sport Skirt
  3. Tulle Socks
  4. Icon High-top Snow Boots

Chisa’s Look #2

This blue jacquard cropped top worn by Chisa is from Diesel.

Jacquard-logo Cropped Top


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  1. Jacquard-logo Cropped Top

Juria’s Look #1

In a look that is both edgy and fashionable, Juria wore a summer stardust print one-piece swimsuit from Louis Vuitton with a stud-embellished denim skirt from Balenciaga and black nylon boots from SACAI. The addition of a silver shooting star necklace from MARLAND BACKUS and a grid teddy bear necklace from YVMIN complemented the look.

XG Shooting Star MV Kpop Fashion - Juria - Look 1

One-Piece Swimsuit


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Stud-embellished Denim Skirt


Buy from here
Silver Grid Teddy Bear Necklace


Buy from here
Silver Shooting Star Necklace


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Black Nylon Boots


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  1. One-Piece Swimsuit
  2. Stud-embellished Denim Skirt
  3. Silver Grid Teddy Bear Necklace
  4. Silver Shooting Star Necklace
  5. Black Nylon Boots

Juria’s Look #2

She was easy to spot in a hot pink Hollywood brand-appliqué knitted varsity jacket from NOON GOONS.

Hollywood Knitted Varsity Jacket


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  1. Hollywood Knitted Varsity Jacket

Hinata’s Look #1

Wearing a logo-fitted stretch jersey top from Balenciaga with an embroidered layered tutu skirt from Simone Rocha and icon faux-fur snow boots from Moon Boot, Hinata‘s first outfit is the definition of quirky.

Logo Fitted Stretch Jersey Top


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Embroidered Layered Tutu Skirt


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Icon Faux-fur Snow Boots


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  1. Logo Fitted Stretch Jersey Top
  2. Embroidered Layered Tutu Skirt
  3. Icon Faux-fur Snow Boots

Hinata’s Look #2

She opted for a similarly fun look by styling a mixed polka dot print vest from Sandy Liang with a pair of cute FairyTale Denim pants from Skoot.

Eli Vest


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Animation Top


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FairyTale Denim


Buy from here
Icon Boot


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  1. Eli Vest
  2. Animation Top
  3. FairyTale Denim
  4. Icon Boot

Maya’s Look #1

Maya put together a stunning girly look from a print corset from Lirika Matoshi, a multicolor tartan miniskirt from MOWALOLA, and logo-print metallic nylon snow boots from Moon Boot.

Leksikon Corset


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Multicolor BGC Tartan Miniskirt


Buy from here
Metallic Nylon Snow Boots


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  1. Leksikon Corset
  2. Multicolor BGC Tartan Miniskirt
  3. Metallic Nylon Snow Boots

Maya’s Look #2

Her all-black outfit showcases the mysterious flame-print biker shorts from Heron Preston and a silk hair scrunchie from Balenciaga.

Flame-print Biker Shorts


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XXL Ad Banner-logo Hair Scrunchie


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  1. Flame-print Biker Shorts
  2. XXL Ad Banner-logo Hair Scrunchie

Maya’s Look #3

In the final look, Maya wore these crystal-embellished denim shorts from AREA with denim-effect tights from Diesel.

Crystal-embellished Denim Shorts
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P-Koll-F2 Denim-effect Tights


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  1. Crystal-embellished Denim Shorts
  2. P-Koll-F2 Denim-effect Tights

Whose outfits do you like best?

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