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TREASURE Says ‘Hello’ To Fans In Their Latest Music Video In The Most Dashing Outfits Ever!

TREASURE Hello MV Fashion

Charming vocals, cool dance moves, stunning visuals, and jaw-dropping outfits, were all featured in TREASURE’s newly-released music video ‘Hello’! While the K-pop boy group nailed each aspect of their MV released on October 4, we’re focusing on their super-duper dashing fashion choices today.

With that being said, prepare to be amazed, and let’s get right into it! 

A Fashion Breakdown On TREASURE's Hello MV

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TREASURE’s ‘Hello’ MV Fashion

Asahi’s Look #1

Let’s kick off with Asahi’s look, who looked absolutely stylish in this pair of denim shorts from GALLERY DEPT.

Zuma Recycled Denim Shorts


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  1. Zuma Recycled Denim Shorts

Asahi’s Look #2

In his second look, our cutie sported a colorful outfit consisting of a Cutie patchwork knit cardigan from Ashley Williams, a pink T-shirt from 99% IS underneath, and a pair of cartoon-print trousers from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

Pink 1%OVE Sex T-Shirt


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Cartoon-print Trousers


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  1. Pink 1%OVE Sex T-Shirt
  2. Cartoon-print Trousers

Jihoon’s Look #1

As for Jihoon, he managed to rock the sporty look thanks to his dashing Adidas x Wales Bonner track jacket.

Track Jacket


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  1. Track Jacket

Jihoon’s Look #2

He looked cute even when he wore this spooky yet stylish skeleton print cardigan by Kapital! To complete his outfit, Jihoon opted for a Medusa Music cotton T-shirt by Versace and a pair of spot-print wide-leg jeans by Eytys.

Skeleton Print Cardigan


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Medusa Music Cotton T-shirt


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Spot-print Wide-leg Jeans


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  1. Skeleton Print Cardigan
  2. Medusa Music Cotton T-shirt
  3. Spot-print Wide-leg Jeans

Jihoon’s Look #3

His stylish basket-weave bomber jacket by NAMESAKE was our favorite part about Jihoon’s outfit! 

Basket-weave Bomber Jacket


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  1. Basket-weave Bomber Jacket

Jeongwoo’s Look #1

How could we not fall in love with Jeongwoo’s charm, especially when he’s wearing this cute R13 blue check shirt? 

Blue Check Shirt


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  1. Blue Check Shirt

Jeongwoo’s Look #2

This time, our handsome Jeongwoo opted for a Y-3 long-sleeve T-shirt as the main piece for his stylish outfit. 

Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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  1. Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Jeongwoo’s Look #3

Jeongwoo created this colorful outfit by combining an abstract-print detachable-sleeve shirt jacket from Kiko Kostadinov with a glitter knitted V-neck jumper from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

Abstract-print Shirt Jacket


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Glitter Knitted V Neck Jumper


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  1. Abstract-print Shirt Jacket
  2. Glitter Knitted V Neck Jumper

Doyoung’s Look

Doyoung showed off his funky side by wearing an eye-popping double-breasted cardigan by BODE and shorts by THEOPHILIO.

TREASURE Hello MV Kpop Fashion - Doyoung - Look 1

Double-breasted Cardigan


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Orange Shorts


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  1. Double-breasted Cardigan
  2. Orange Shorts

Junghwan’s Look #1

Junghwan’s cool yet cute look owes it all to his red cropped ribbed vest from Hood By Air.

TREASURE Hello MV Kpop Fashion - Junghwan - Look 1

Cropped Geek Ribbed Vest


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  1. Cropped Geek Ribbed Vest

Junghwan’s Look #2

Jackets don’t have to be plain and boring—they could be sparkly and stunning just like Junghwan’s sequin-embellished varsity jacket by Charles Jeffrey Loverboy!

Sequin-embellished Varsity Jacket


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  1. Sequin-embellished Varsity Jacket

Junkyu’s Look

To look this cute, Junkyu layered a stylish plaid-print cropped shirt by R13 on a white logo-print T-shirt by Maison Margiela.

TREASURE Hello MV Kpop Fashion - Junkyu - Look 1

Plaid-print Cropped Shirt


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Logo-print Short-sleeve T-shirt


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  1. Plaid-print Cropped Shirt
  2. Logo-print Short-sleeve T-shirt

Jaehyuk’s Look

While we liked all of the boys’ looks here, Jaehyuk stood out when he wore R13’s yellow & black cut-off shirt that perfectly complemented his blonde hair! 

TREASURE Hello MV Kpop Fashion - Jaehyuk - Look 1

Yellow & Black Cut-Off Shirt


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  1. Yellow & Black Cut-Off Shirt

Haruto’s Look #1

Maximilian Davis’s check-print zip-up jacket was the perfect piece to finish off this stunning look of Haruto’s!

Check-print Zip-up Jacket


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  1. Check-print Zip-up Jacket

Haruto’s Look #2

Haruto always brings out-of-the-box outfits to the table, and this one was no exception. To pull this look off, he paired a grove glove turtleneck from NAMESAKE with a white cotton T-shirt from STEFAN COOKE.

Grove Glove Turtleneck


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White Cotton T-Shirt


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  1. Grove Glove Turtleneck
  2. White Cotton T-Shirt

Yoshi’s Look #1

Our favorite boy is next on the list, who featured a mind-blowing look consisting of a leopard-print herringbone shirt from ACNE STUDIOS and a pair of star-print straight jeans from A BATHING APE.

TREASURE Hello MV Kpop Fashion - Yoshi - Look 1

Leopard-Print Herringbone Shirt


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Star-print Straight Jeans


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  1. Leopard-Print Herringbone Shirt
  2. Star-print Straight Jeans

Yoshi’s Look #2

His second cool look featured a khaki military bomber from DOUBLET, a pair of treated monochrome skinny jeans from 1017 ALYX 9SM, and a pair of Dunk High 1985 SP sneakers from Nike.

Khaki Military Bomber


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Treated Monochrome Skinny-jeans


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Dunk High 1985 SP Sneakers


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  1. Khaki Military Bomber
  2. Treated Monochrome Skinny-jeans
  3. Dunk High 1985 SP Sneakers

Hyunsuk’s Look #1

Hyunsuk opted for three stylish items for this cute and unique look, which are a pair of ripped-design jeans from COOL T.M, a red & blue Fred Perry Edition beret from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, and a charm chain link necklace from Chopova Lowena.

Red & Blue Beret


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Charm Chain Link Necklace


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Ripped-design Jeans


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  1. Red & Blue Beret
  2. Charm Chain Link Necklace
  3. Ripped-design Jeans

Hyunsuk’s Look #2

Logo-appliqué Bomber Jacket


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  1. Logo-appliqué Bomber Jacket

Hyunsuk’s Look #3

Looking as dashing as Hyunsuk did here is easier than you think—just get his black & red shredded grunge sweater from R13! 

Shredded Grunge Sweater


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  1. Shredded Grunge Sweater

Hyunsuk’s Look #4

Finally, Hyunsuk pulled off an adorable look featuring a green jacket from Jeff Hamilton and a black chunky rabbit beanie from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

NBA Collage Wool Leather Jacket


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Black Chunky Rabbit Beanie


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  1. NBA Collage Wool Leather Jacket
  2. Black Chunky Rabbit Beanie

Whose outfits do you like best?

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