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STAYC Came Back As Bubblegum Pop Princesses In The Fashionable Music Video For 'Teddy Bear'

STAYC Teddy Bear MV Fashion

STAYC came out with their 4th single album ‘Teddy Bear’ and fans couldn’t be happier. The lead single of the same name is a catchy bop that sounds better with every listen. 

It is accompanied by a cute music video, featuring bright visuals and colorful fashion. Moreover, the pastel outfits showcased by the members are in sync with the video’s fun energy. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into the details.

A Fashion Breakdown On STAYC's Teddy Bear MV

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STAYC’s ‘Teddy Bear’ MV Fashion

Isa’s Look #1

First up, we have Isa in a puffy pink quilter skirt from Marc Jacobs going for a bubblegum pop aesthetic.

Puffy Heaven Quilted Skirt


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  1. Puffy Heaven Quilted Skirt

Isa’s Look #2

She then changed into red cord-release jeans from The Ragged Priest with white chain leg warmers from PRAYING fitted into makeshift sleeves.

STAYC Teddy Bear MV Kpop Fashion - Isa - Look 2

Red Cord Release Jeans


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White Chain Leg Warmers


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Forum 84 Low-Top Sneakers


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  1. Red Cord Release Jeans
  2. White Chain Leg Warmers
  3. Forum 84 Low-Top Sneakers

J’s Look

J totally embodied the e-girl anime outfit as she styled a pink logo gest from GANNI with a patterned jacquard pleated kilt from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

STAYC Teddy Bear MV Kpop Fashion - J - Look 1

Pink Logo Vest


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Patterned-jacquard Pleated Kilt


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  1. Pink Logo Vest
  2. Patterned-jacquard Pleated Kilt

Sumin’s Look

Sumin kept with the theme in a pink and grey Marc Jacobs brushed chunky star sweater.

Brushed Chunky Star Sweater


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  1. Brushed Chunky Star Sweater

Seeun’s Look #1

As for Seeun, she got her smiley-print white T-shirt from GANNI.

Smiley-print T-shirt


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  1. Smiley-print T-shirt

Seeun’s Look #2

This camel-tone knit vest from CRANK goes well with Seeun’s white button-down collar shirt.

Wappen Knit Vest


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  1. Wappen Knit Vest

Sieun’s Look #1

Sieun‘s bubblegum pink 3D animal-detail gingham shirt from Comme Des Garçons stole the scene.

3D Animal-detail Gingham Shirt


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  1. 3D Animal-detail Gingham Shirt

Sieun’s Look #2

In another look, she wore a grey Santa Monica city artwork sweatshirt from AND YOU with a purple plaid skirt.

Santa Monica City Sweatshirt


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  1. Santa Monica City Sweatshirt

Yoon’s Look

Yoon‘s pink and grey outfit had the plaque leather belt from Dsquared2 to tie the whole look together.

Plaque Leather Belt


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  1. Plaque Leather Belt


All the STAYC girls shined bright in neon pink logo-print detail hoodies from John Richmond paired with matching frilly tutu skirts. Accessories include Vivienne Westwood‘s orb-plaque leather belt and three-row chocker.

Chest Logo-print Detail Hoodie


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Messaline Orb Three-row Chocker


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Orb-plaque Leather Belt


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  1. Chest Logo-print Detail Hoodie
  2. Messaline Orb Three-row Chocker
  3. Orb-plaque Leather Belt

Whose outfits do you like best?

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