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STAYC Dazzles Audience With Eclectic Fashion In Vibrant Music Video For ‘RUN2U’


STAYC has made a vibrant comeback with ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’, the group’s second EP, on February 21. Led by the title track ‘RUN2U’, the group explores a diverse range of impeccable looks whilst singing confidently about pursuing love.

For everyone who was wowed by their fashion, here’s a deeper look at all the members’ respective looks! Let’s go!

A Fashion Breakdown On STAYC's RUN2U MV

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STAYC’s ‘RUN2U’ MV Fashion

Seeun’s Look

Seeun’s unique layered ensemble is only complete with a soft pink jumpsuit from Poster Girl and dazzling Alessandra Rich heart chain-link detail earrings.

Jetta Jumpsuit


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Heart Chain-Link Detail Earrings


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  1. Jetta Jumpsuit
  2. Heart Chain-Link Detail Earrings

Sumin’s Look #1

Sumin serves a sleek look in Dydoshop’s Gemstone mesh corset long sleeves for her first outfit of the MV.

Gem Stone


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  1. Gem Stone

Sumin’s Look #2

Next, these logo-print midi socks from Dolce & Gabbana provide an interestingly casual touch to her otherwise ethereal look.

Logo-print Midi Socks


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  1. Logo-print Midi Socks

Sumin’s Look #3

Accessorizing is fun, and this Jacquemus La Ceinture Carrée leather belt bag takes the spotlight in her outfit with its popping pink colour.

Belt Bag


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  1. Belt Bag

Isa’s Look #1

Isa’s stylish look consists of a GCDS metallic high-neck long-sleeve dress and a shimmering embellished fringed mini skirt from Amen.

Metallic High-Neck Dress


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Embellished Fringed Mini Skirt


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  1. Metallic High-Neck Dress
  2. Embellished Fringed Mini Skirt

Isa’s Look #2

Real glamour is Isa in this super striking Bamm Bamm mini dress from Poster Girl looking absolutely wonderful.

Bamm Bamm Mini Dress


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  1. Bamm Bamm Mini Dress

J’s Look #1

J’s eye-catching ensemble consists of a shiny pink Dolce & Gabbana cropped laminated shirt jacket worn over a logo one-piece, paired with a super trendy fringe skirt from Poster Grl and fluffy Love Moschino elastic band snow ankle boots.

Cropped Laminated Shirt Jacket


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Logo One Piece


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Fringe Skirt


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Elastic Band Snow Ankle Boots


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  1. Cropped Laminated Shirt Jacket
  2. Logo One Piece
  3. Fringe Skirt
  4. Elastic Band Snow Ankle Boots

J’s Look #2

This heart cut-out T-shirt from Area worn over a unique black Gabrielle bow skirt from Ashley Williams and paired with cute classic icon moon boots from GCDS makes a super funky outfit.

STAYC RUN2U MV Kpop Fashion - J - Look 2

Heart Cut-out T-shirt


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Black Gabrielle Bow Skirt


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Classic Icon Moon Boot


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  1. Heart Cut-out T-shirt
  2. Black Gabrielle Bow Skirt
  3. Classic Icon Moon Boot

J’s Look #3

This Off-White high-waisted denim mini skirt is absolutely gorgeous.

Text-print Denim Mini Skirt


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  1. Text-print Denim Mini Skirt

J’s Look #4

For her last look, J dons a dirty wash denim skirt from Masha Popova and a sparkling star chainmail top from Paco Rabanne that embellishes her outfit like an elegant piece of jewelry.

Star Chainmail Top


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Indigo Dirty Wash Denim Skirt


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  1. Star Chainmail Top
  2. Indigo Dirty Wash Denim Skirt

Yoon’s Look #1

Yoon looks absolutely flattering in a metallic-effect corset top from Saks Potts paired with a turn-up hem denim skirt from Dsquared2, while these cool GCDS boots and long hair eco-fur jacket from Grace Elwood compliment her look perfectly.

Long Hair Eco- Fur Jacket


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Metallic-effect Corset Top


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Turn-up Hem Denim Skirt


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  1. Long Hair Eco- Fur Jacket
  2. Metallic-effect Corset Top
  3. Turn-up Hem Denim Skirt
  4. Boots

Yoon’s Look #2

This green one-piece printed swimsuit from Paolina Russo makes for an interesting element of her chic look.

Green One-Piece Printed Swimsuit


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  1. Green One-Piece Printed Swimsuit

Yoon’s Look #3

Lastly, Yoon effortlessly rocks these denim stary jeans from Ganni.

Denim Stary Jeans


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  1. Denim Stary Jeans

Sieun’s Look #1

Sieun looks absolutely dreamy and elegant in a Lula Laora upcycled lace-up top and highly intricately designed, one-of-a-kind chunky ankle boots from Azalea Wang.

Upcycled Lace Up Top


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Chunky Ankle Boots


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  1. Upcycled Lace Up Top
  2. Chunky Ankle Boots

Sieun’s Look #2

Sieun’s next look is equally memorable with the out-of-the-box use of this Dior oblique Diortwin square scarf and fashionable foil cotton denim mini skirt from 1017 Alyx 9SM.

Square Scarf


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Foil Cotton Denim Mini Skirt


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  1. Square Scarf
  2. Foil Cotton Denim Mini Skirt

Sieun’s Look #3

 Last on the list to wrap up this ride is Sieun looking bright and playful in a lovely Quincy dress from Sies Marjan.

Quincy Dress


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  1. Quincy Dress

Whose outfits do you like best?

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