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Red Velvet & aespa Bring The Festive Bling With Their Outfits In The ‘Beautiful Christmas’ Music Video

RED VELVET x AESPA Beautiful Christmas MV Fashion

Red Velvet and aespa have come together to spread the Christmas holiday cheer amongst fans with their latest collab song ‘Beautiful Christmas’ which was released on December 14. 

The girls display an array of outfits that celebrate the best time of the year, from classic Christmas colors, to angelic white and some festive bling. Here’s a look at their beautiful outfits!

A Fashion Breakdown On Red Velvet X aespa's Beautiful Christmas MV

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Red Velvet X aespa’s ‘Beautiful Christmas’ MV Fashion

Yeri’s Look

Yeri stands out in a Shushu/Tong brown check minidress, and the logo crystal-embellished belt from Area perfectly elevates her look.

RED VELVET x AESPA Beautiful Christmas MV Kpop Fashion - Yeri - Look 1

Brown Check Minidress


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Logo Crystal-embellished Belt


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  1. Brown Check Minidress
  2. Logo Crystal-embellished Belt

Irene’s Look

Irene looks super soft and delicate in a rhinestone-logo cropped jumper from GCDS.

Rhinestone-logo Cropped Jumper


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  1. Rhinestone-logo Cropped Jumper

Joy’s Look

Joy embodies the winter spirit in a striking bow-detail mini dress from Area.

RED VELVET x AESPA Beautiful Christmas MV Kpop Fashion - Joy - Look 1

Bow-detail Mini Dress


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  1. Bow-detail Mini Dress

Seulgi’s Look

Seulgi displays her endearing side in a pink horse crop zip-up cardigan from Youth Bath for this MV.

Horse Cropped Zip-up Cardigan


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Disquette Shearling Slippers


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  1. Horse Cropped Zip-up Cardigan
  2. Disquette Shearling Slippers

Wendy’s Look

All eyes are on these houndstooth platform heels with dreamy daisies from Irregular Choice that Wendy‘s wearing here.

Platform Heels


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  1. Platform Heels

Karina’s Look

Karina‘s fabulous look has her wearing a bow-embellished tweed minidress from Area with a heart choker from Dolls Kill adorning her neck.

RED VELVET x AESPA Beautiful Christmas MV Kpop Fashion - Karina - Look 1

Bow-embellished Tweed Minidress


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  1. Bow-embellished Tweed Minidress
  2. Choker

Ningning’s Look #1

Ningning‘s ostrich-feather cropped top from Styland beautifully blends with the snowy theme of Christmas. 

Ostrich-feather Cropped Top


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  1. Ostrich-feather Cropped Top

Ningning’s Look #2

This pink villain hero raglan knit from Youth Bath paired with these heart wool leg warmers from Moon Lee is an adorable pick!

Villain Hero Raglan Knit


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Heart Wool Leg Warmer


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  1. Villain Hero Raglan Knit
  2. Heart Wool Leg Warmer

Winter’s Look #1

Winter presents a doll-like pretty look in a strapless taffeta mini dress from Bernadette.

RED VELVET x AESPA Beautiful Christmas MV Kpop Fashion - Winter - Look 1

Strapless Taffeta Mini Dress


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  1. Strapless Taffeta Mini Dress

Winter’s Look #2

Her next look is contrastingly warm and fuzzy, as she dons a cream snowman cardigan two-piece from Balcony.

Snowman Cardigan Two-piece


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  1. Snowman Cardigan Two-piece

Giselle’s Look

Giselle in a pajama set with feathers from Sleeper is an incredibly adorable sight!

Pajama Set W/ Feathers


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  1. Pajama Set W/ Feathers

Whose outfits do you like best?

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